Progress being made on the Waimana Gorge slip

The slip on SH2 in the Waimana Gorge. Supplied photo.


State Highway 2, through the Waimana Gorge, remains closed following a large slip.

A significant slip occurred on Thursday July 4 between Stanley Rd and Fraser Rd, following rain and severe flooding of the Whakatane River.

NZTA says the gorge remains closed at this stage.

“Progress is being made and at this stage we remain hopeful that the slip will be cleared around Friday July 26.

“No detour available as SH2 is also closed in the Kutarere/ Waiotahi Area. Avoid the area or delay your journey if possible.”

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golly gosh

Posted on 19-07-2019 13:42 | By old trucker

Gosh its still not cleared it is now 14 days, for crying out loud what are they doing,it only needs clearing off the road and it does not need blasting, by the time they have meetings and run around clipboards etc,it could have all been done by nowm my gosh what is this all comming to, all this PC rubbish,probably all safety things etc, it should not take more than a 2days to clear this, are they using wheelbarrows,someone is making money out of this,anyway my pennies worth, Thanks for being No1 in the Bay for NEWS,Thankyou, 10-4 out. phew.