15th Ave upgrade works delayed

The works on 15th Ave, which were due to start on Monday, have now been delayed. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Tauranga City Council has decided to push the pause button on the construction of Stage 1 works on 15th Avenue.

The works were initially scheduled to start this Monday 22 July.

The delay provides more time to review the existing safety and function assessments, says a Tauranga City Council spokesperson.

"Additionally it allows Council to ensure there is sufficient alignment with the over-arching strategy of the Urban Form and Transport Initiative.

"This initiative, which is similar to Get Wellington Moving, will develop a strategic way forward for the sub-region, with immediate and future priorities and investment opportunities in urban form, transport and other connected areas.

"The delay recognises and is consistent with the recommendations made for this project in the Hannah-Smith report presented to Council."

Council expects to complete this review within the next two weeks, with the results reported to Council in early August. At that time, a decision to proceed with Stage 1 or otherwise will be made.

“15th Ave is the main link between the city and Welcome Bay, Maungatapu, Hairini, and Ohauiti,” says acting manager of transportation at Tauranga City Council, Phil Consedine.

“Morning and evening peak times are busy on this road with the side roads and intersections causing the biggest disruption to travel times.

“With the Stage 1 works, we aim to reduce travel time in the evening peak by adding a new traffic lane between Fraser Street and Mayfair Street," says Phil.

"Additionally, the works will result in a safer path for people on foot and bikes to get along the 15th Ave network."

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Please. Please. Please.

Posted on 04-09-2019 17:07 | By SiouxLioux

Close down Turret onto 15th. Close left turn at Burrow and Grace. At least see if this makes a big difference. I am sick of people thinking it is their right to push in or merge like a zip. Am sick of the dumb ar##s who STOP to let people in. They end up stopping the whole of 15th Ave. TCC is pathetic. The Greerton debacle is another illustration of their ineptitude.

Slipping away

Posted on 29-07-2019 17:18 | By swt3

TCC need a bomb under them. The slip lanes of 14th Ave & Turrett Rd, Burrows str are partly why 15th ave is so choked up. After traffic passes Turret rd, it actually ’moves’. So, close them all, NO left turn, only to enter the side roads. Even if only at peak times. Create another lane on 15th all the way. At peak times use 2 lanes going into & out of town as required. NO bus lane. Make people merge correctly. STOP side roads altogether.

So why on earth

Posted on 19-07-2019 12:44 | By earlybird

wouldn’t the council have done what was required BEFORE announcing a start date. Seems like nothing has changed at city hall.

I suspect that somebody -

Posted on 18-07-2019 20:49 | By The Caveman

Probably a resident in a street that they propose to "cut off" from access to 15th Ave has asked to see the "legal documents - etc" that are required to ACTUALLY CLOSE A STREET. And I suspect that the Council cannot produce the "legal documents" that are required to actually CLOSE/RESTRICT a street that accesses 15th AVE.

Probably won't work

Posted on 18-07-2019 20:39 | By WelcomeBay

Maybe they realized that their idea won’t work because the whole idea is to keep traffic flowing. Putting lights at burrows street will stop traffic more often than the pedestrian traffic lights do. Like I,ve said before let traffic continue to use 14th ave and Turret road and create a slip lane at the Turret rd 15th ave intersection. Just need to get rid of pedestrian refuge by toilets and 2 lane until the park and traffic can merge. And no left turn out of Grace or Burrows. Then no traffic will have to stop apart from the odd time someone uses pedestrian lights near Burrows Maybe they should consult with the people the use the road.

Get On With It

Posted on 18-07-2019 15:10 | By Mommatum

Come on TCC just get on with the job. Other local bodies around the country manage to get things done. So why can’t you. We’ve had it with meaningless consultation exercises, postponements and “reiviews” without results.

at least its a go..ish

Posted on 18-07-2019 14:28 | By Wonkytonk

Just pleased TCC decided to pay for this anyway, otherwise we would have to wait for years! so why moan all the time?!


Posted on 18-07-2019 13:12 | By dumbkof2

yes lets spend a few more thousand dollars and have another consultation process. why don’t they just get on with it and do the work

Brilliant Effort

Posted on 18-07-2019 13:00 | By FRANKS

Announced on Tuesday.....Delayed on Thursday. Another brilliant effort and who is responsible for this????


Posted on 18-07-2019 12:39 | By Told you

Couldn’t organise a party in a Brewery.


Posted on 18-07-2019 12:23 | By overit

Did it cost a penalty for delaying this work?

How Long

Posted on 18-07-2019 12:06 | By Gaz

Most locals will know this has been an issue for how long? More than a few years and enough time for the reviews, consultations, meetings, hire the consultants, and well lets just think about it a bit more.


Posted on 18-07-2019 11:29 | By

Absolutely unbelievable.......although, it should be believable with Tauranga City Council...they are an absolute disgrace. Leaving the finger off the pause button until this late in the day is nothing short of bonkers. What is TCC playing at? I don’t like the bit where they say about a decision being made as to whether or not stage 1 will proceed. I have a sneaky suspicion that this project is a white elephant.