Multicultural broadcasts on Village Radio

Station manager George Stewart outside the Village Radio.

A new radio is being offered to Tauranga’s multicultural society.

From 5pm tonight, Village Radio will be commencing its first new Multicultural broadcast.

Tauranga City Council’s Haidee Kalirai will be talking about her work welcoming new arrivals from India and other countries to our beautiful city.

Co-hosting the new programme will be Tauranga Regional Multicultural Society manager Waitsu Wu, who is from Taiwan.

“Also included will be music from the various countries,” says a statement from Village Radio.

“On July 14, Waitsu will host a presenter, from the Chinese Friendship Society and the Wisdom Mandarin School, who will be talking about their work with the Chinese Community.”

People can tune in to Village Radio on 1368AM.

Waitsu Wu.



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Air Thyme

Posted on 10-07-2019 12:07 | By Glenn Holmes

Village radio is like herbs in the spice rack - we don’t use it enough. It’s "of the people, by the people and for the people" authentic and Honest. Good news / not flagrant opinions ... Best wishes, Ned Nicely

An unsung hero, Village Radio

Posted on 08-07-2019 12:33 | By Murray.Guy

Our ’Village Radio’ is one of very real ’unsung hero’ organisations, located in the 17th Ave Historic Village. These folk perform an absolutely amazing role in adding value, providing companionship, rekindling memories to many lonely, home alone, older citizens, filling the empty void in the lives last estimated to be in excess of 1000 at any given time. Not aware of any other collective of volunteers who add so much value to so many, as a constant, in our city, and to my disappointment, unless things have changed, with NO support from our City Council. I would very much like to see the Village Radio located at ground level and interactive with Village visitors, bluetooth speaker distribution throughout the Village, at present up a narrow flight of stairs and inaccessible, hidden from many.