Green light for BP Thank You Button

Images: Supplied.

After weeks of eager anticipation, thousands of drivers will be able to get their hands on a limited-edition BP Thank You Button from 8am today.

A total of 20,000 limited-edition buttons are on their way to BP sites around the country for drivers to show gratitude to others in a fun, friendly and interactive way.

The buttons were born out of research commissioned by BP, undertaken independently by TRA during ‘March Madness’ – the nation’s busiest month on the road – which found New Zealanders want to show courtesy to each other when driving but a large portion don’t know how.

Most give a friendly wave while others toot, flash their hazard lights or smile.

“When we looked at the research findings, we were surprised to see that there’s a lot of confusion around how exactly we’re supposed to say thanks on the road,” says managing director of BP New Zealand Debi Boffa.

“The Thank You Button concept came to life because we wanted to offer a fun, interactive way to unite thousands of drivers across the country, making their day a little brighter.

“It’s a great feeling when another driver lets you into a traffic queue or gives you a wave when you let them pass. Unlike road rules, showing appreciation on the road tends to be overlooked. It’s in the everyday actions we can have a positive impact on another driver’s day, no matter how big or small.”

Based on interest already, BP expects the limited-edition buttons will be snapped up very quickly and encourages those wanting to get in store as soon as possible.

They’re available as a gift with a purchase of $60 or more. Drivers can find their nearest BP through the BPMe app or by visiting BP’s website.

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Another way.

Posted on 08-07-2019 13:25 | By clingon

There is another version Bay Citizen. It’s called a car ’horn’ and when used in conjunction with flashing the car ’headlights’ proves effective in a lot of cases to alert daydreaming or inconsiderate drivers that there are actually other motorists on the road as well. And what’s with the hazard lights being flashed when a slow vehicle pulls over and does exactly what they are required to do by law when impeding other motorists? Next drivers will be hazard flashing motorists for obeying the law at stop and give way signs. Just concentrate on your own driving, make sure you are obeying the law and for goodness sake, put your headlights on high beam when there are no cars approaching or in front so you can see more than a few meters in front and the cars following can see to get past...

Good idea

Posted on 06-07-2019 09:52 | By Bay Citizen

It’s a good idea, I like it. It’s a nice way to thank someone for showing kindness. I just wish there was another version that allowed you to do the opposite e.g. suggest to the slow person in front that they ought to pull over, or make it clear that you don’t appreciate someone pulling onto the highway so close in front of you that you have to brake, or that speeding up when the passing lane appeared was pretty inconsiderate of them