Fuel prices around Tauranga

Gull Hewletts Road is offering the cheapest fuel. Photos: John Borren/SunLive.

Tauranga’s fuel prices have increased as a result of the Government’s fuel tax introduced on Monday, July 1.

The price of petrol increased by four cents a litre including GST. Around Tauranga on Tuesday, July 3, for regular, Gull Hewletts Road is the cheapest around, priced at $2.03 a litre.

Following behind Gull is Mobil on Chapel Street at $2.07, and BP Ngatai Road which is $2.09 a litre.

Z Hewletts Road was at $2.10 per litre closely followed by Mobil Otumoetai Road at $2.11.

Many stations seem to have similar priced regular fuel, with BP Waihi Road, Z 15th Ave, Caltex Otumoetai Road, Mobil Cameron Road, Z Cameron Road/15th Ave and BP Gate Pa all priced at $2.12.

BP Mount Maunganui tops the 12 fuel stations observed by SunLive yesterday, priced at $2.13 per litre.

Mobil Cameron Road is sitting in the middle of the pack at $2.12 per litre.

The Commerce Commission is being asked to investigate the fuel market, as the Government says New Zealand has higher fuel prices in comparison to other OECD countries.

Tauranga-based Labour list MP Jan Tinetti says most of the cost of fuel is outside the Government’s control, as it is driven by international prices and importer costs.

“However, we want to make sure consumers are getting a fair deal at the pump.

“Kiwis are paying significantly more for fuel in Wellington than Auckland, despite the regional fuel tax in Auckland.”

Jan says Monday’s fuel increase will help fund “crucial transport infrastructure projects”.

“This is the key way we are able to upgrade our roads. We are investing in safety upgrades to our state highway network to save lives.”

Paul Goldsmith, Nationals finance spokesperson says the Government has legislated for three taxes since coming into power.

“Over three years this Government is taking an extra $1.7 billion from New Zealanders through its fuel tax increases, road user charges, petrol excise and Auckland regional fuel tax,” says Paul.

BP Maunganui Road was the most expensive on Tuesday, July 2, at $2.13.

Z Hewletts Road.

Z on the corner of Cameron Road and 11th Ave.

Z on 15th Ave.

Caltex on Otumoetai Road.

Mobil on Otumoetai Road.

Mobil Chapel Street.

BP on Waihi Road.

BP Ngatai Road.

BP Maunganui Road.

BP Cameron Road, Gate Pa.

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