Maungatapu Bridge undergoing inspection tonight

Maungatapu Bridge. Photo: Cameron Avery

The NZ Transport Association have announced that an inspection will be undertaken this evening on the Maungatapu Bridge.

The inspection will be carried out for one night only, tonight, Sunday June 30.

NZTA say the work will commence at 8pm on Sunday night and be completed by 2am on Monday July 1.

During the bridge inspection a stop/go traffic management system will be in place, with a 30 km per hour speed restriction across the bridge. 

Motorists are advise to be aware of this inspection, and travel with care through the area. 

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Build a new one.

Posted on 30-06-2019 20:54 | By Cynical Me

Time they stopped stuffing about and built another bridge . Like the Hairini Bridge, it’s not fit for purpose anymore. In fact, it has become dangerous. Imagine what it will be like in another 5 years. Get HEB’s on the job and get it done. Call up Twyford and chain to the rail till he spends his cash pile Useless sod.