Tauranga rates increase set for 2019/20 plan

Tauranga City Council adopted the LTP at a meeting on Thursday.

Tauranga City Council’s voted to adopt the Annual Plan 2019/20, which sets the council’s budget and work plans for the coming year.

The plan delivers on priorities in the Long-term Plan 2018-28, including residential housing shortages and making it easier to move around the city, while lowering the rates increase below the 7.5 per cent that was signalled for year two of the LTP.

The revised budgets mean that the rates increase for the average residential property is 3.9 per cent for next year, with an additional 0.4 per cent for kerbside glass collection.

Mayor Greg Brownless says the plan achieved the right balance between restricting rates increases and providing the funding for Council to provide quality services for ratepayers.

“Our city continues to grow quickly, and that’s creating great opportunities for business and employment.

“Growth does pose funding challenges, and that’s a conversation we’ll need to have with our community during the next Long-term Plan process.”

The new rates and budget come into effect from Monday, 1 July. You can learn more about our Annual Plan budget on our website, which will be updated the same day.

From 8 July, ratepayers will be able to check the council website to see what the new rating levels will be on their property.

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Rates increase

Posted on 28-06-2019 21:05 | By

Rates increase should be put on hold. The council should look at where our money has been wasted on useless projects and prevent them happening in the future. Heads of departments should be made accessible for their cockups.


Posted on 28-06-2019 14:48 | By Jiz

If the Council did not waste money on roading projects eg Cameron Rd Greerton Barkes Cnr lights and other stupid places we may not have to put the rates up. Take a good look at yourselves council...


Posted on 28-06-2019 12:57 | By WestieMum

Time to drop the GST on rates - it’s a tax on a tax! And our wages aren’t going up at anywhere near the same % increases in rates! $10 Tauranga mindset still exists unfortunately. Roads are still clogged when there are simple, quick interim alternatives that can be put in place. And by the time any roading project gets the go ahead it’s 5 years out of date and doesn’t take into account where we will be in 10 years time. Cost blow outs seem to be the norm, and there is not much evidence in listening to the community (ie: Greerton debacle and the old Phoenix carpark). Election year - let’s put people in place that have the nous to run a multi $M business!

hang on a minute

Posted on 28-06-2019 09:15 | By old trucker

Golly gosh, here we go again, the Budget never helped give us older folks a pay increase in PENSION, for crying out loud, TCCwill need all this to pay off debt,NO WONDER all this self harm is happening with the STRESS put on people,TCC do not care, and the Mayor was GOING TO keep things in check, YEAH RIGHT,he is being kept in his place by the old boys gang there and is told what to do,he needs to GROW A PAIR and bring things under control, this is just to much, i wonder if, (TCC staff get a discount on rates) surely it must affect them,all this EXTRA MONEY for that side street gosh $300 thousand to help finish it,finding a few bones and stopping to inspect,this should be on Contractor if they put in tender,they are not working enough,Thankyou No1 in NEWS in the Bay,10-4 out,phew.

Restricting increases?

Posted on 28-06-2019 08:24 | By Astoreth

3.9% is still more than double what CPI is running at (1.5%). High time for councils to start taking a very hard look at the world.