Scammers targeting ANZ customers via email

Scammers are trying to get people's bank details through the latest email scam. File photo/SunLive.

ANZ is warning people to ignore scam emails asking them to provide their banking details.

The scam emails say either that customers should update their details or their account will be deleted; or that there has been unusual activity on their account.

ANZ says these emails are scams and should be deleted immediately, and people should not click on links or respond with any details.

They say providing such details could give the scammers access to the customer's internet banking accounts, and allow them to use funds or make purchases on their credit cards.

The bank says customers should only ever log into online banking through the official website, and the bank would never ask for details through an email.

Below is an image of what one of the emails would look like.

An example of the email scam sent to ANZ customers. Photo: Supplied

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