Further analysis on Mauao base track repair

A decision has been made to seek more information on the different options to repair the slip on Mauao that destroyed part of the base track.

At the Projects, Services and Operations Committee today, Tauranga City Council staff sought direction from the committee on the preferred construction option and approval of additional budget to undertake the works.

However, the mayor and councillors unanimously agreed that further analysis should be completed before a decision is made.

Councillor Leanne Brown, Chair of the Projects, Services and Operations Committee says they need to find the best long-term solution to future proof a vulnerable area of the mountain.

"We recognise that Mauao is of special interest to the community and to visitors, and is also of significant importance to Tauranga Moana iwi.

"We need to further explore options to repair the mountain, taking into consideration the archaeological resources, ecological environment and cultural values of Mauao.

"It is not as simple as bringing in a digger and rocks. Whilst in the eyes of the community, it has taken too long to make a decision on the repair; we need to ensure we find a solution that is possible, will be approved by Mauao’s owners and Heritage New Zealand, and delivers on community expectations."

Mauao is private land owned by the Mauao Trust, held in the names of the three Tauranga Moana iwi (Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāi Te Rangi and Ngāti Pūkenga with Waitaha a Hei as an advisory trustee). Tauranga City Council works alongside the Mauao Trust to manage the reserve. This administration body is called Ngā Poutiriao ō Mauao.

Background summary

  •   •  A significant slip occurred during ex-cyclone weather events in April 2017

  •   •  Damage sustained washed away part of the track

  •   •  A temporary set of stairs were put in place to provide a short-term solution and enable access

  •   •  In 2017, Tonkin & Taylor undertook a high-level options analysis of the possible track remediation options

  •   •  The preferred option was presented to the mayor and councillors, who approved the initial budget

  •   •  The budget has subsequently increased due to a number of complexities that arose as the design process was worked through – full details in the committee report.

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Get a Bobcat

Posted on 26-06-2019 23:07 | By The Caveman

Up there and cut away a bit of the "hill" above the current track. I’ll do it for $5,000. How did the current track "arrive" - spade and shovel - and where did the spoil go?? Over the edge. Just like all the erosion/slips over the past 75 years.

Cost estimation like throwing darts...

Posted on 26-06-2019 10:34 | By jed

Wait 2 years, the cost will be 20 million or 30 million. 95% of the cost is no doubt for road cones and scaffolding the mount.

No More spending

Posted on 26-06-2019 09:44 | By Nick220

The tracks open. It works, No need to spend anymore money. If the property owners want it fixed then they can pay for it.


Posted on 26-06-2019 07:53 | By peecee09

What a gigantic stuff up. The new costs now indicate approximately $345,000 per meter for the 14 meter width of this slip.what a pathetic bunch they are. 2 years and they haven’t got the guts to stand up and make a decision. Rather, they want to yet again seek more advice costing us yet more money. How gutless. Bring on the elections.

no money

Posted on 25-06-2019 21:49 | By dumbkof2

more experts. another couple of mil. no worry. council has plenty of money to splash around

Who owns this Dirt?

Posted on 25-06-2019 17:34 | By Cynical Me

Any other piece of ground the owners would have to front the money. Surely that should apply? If they did I have no doubt the cost would be substantially less. As a ratepayer, I have no symp[athy for the Council spending rates money on this. If the Owners chose to charge for access then I’m fine with that as well. When it suits them they will anyway.


Posted on 25-06-2019 16:21 | By philiphallen

Tauranga Moana iwi want to own the land then they pay for it...….