Parking fee increases from July 1

People who park in the Tauranga CBD are set to pay more from July 1.

In a statement released today, Tauranga City Council says it's going to increase off-street parking in some areas of the city centre.

"The areas are set for a small increase," says a council spokesperson.

People who park in the warterfront carpark will pay $8 a day from July 1.

Parking on the TV3 rooftop will be $8 a day.

The parking buildings will also have an increase to the fees, for parking longer than 3 hours (as shown in the table), says a council spokesperson.

"The parking building fees for 0 – 3 hours will remain the same as the current pricing.

"The hourly rate for parking on- and off-street remains $2 per hour."

Here is a full list of updated parking fees:

Fees as at 01/07/2019

Parking fees Charges
Paid parking area - Dive Crescent $4.00 daily
Paid parking area - Cliff Road $3.00 daily
Paid parking area - (off street) $8.00 daily
Paid parking areas - per hour (on and off street) $2.00
Contractors only Charges
Daily permit in paid parking area $12.00
Daily permit in time-restricted parking space $6.00
Parking buildings Charges
0-1 hours $2.00
1-2 hours $3.00
2-3 hours $4.00
3-4 hours $6.00
4-5 hours $8.00
5-6 hours $10.00
6-7 hours $11.00
7-8 hours $12.00
8+ hours $14.00
Overnight $5.00
Lost ticket $20.00
Early bird (pre 9.30am) $11.00
Monthly lease (car park buildings) $150 - $275

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Reality is

Posted on 28-06-2019 20:57 | By Accountable

The only people that will be really affected by these parking charge increases are the poor old workers. These same people are on a minimum wage and would rather use a bus but usually have a genuine reason why they don’t. They would rather work elsewhere in the City but because of the free parking everywhere else jobs are hard to find in those localities so they are being screwed by Council because of there circumstances. Where the fairness in that? The other side of the story is that to try and recruit and keep good workers the employers in the CBD are being required to pay for these employees parking which is another cost that businesses elsewhere in Tauranga do not have to suffer. Once again where is the fairness in that?


Posted on 25-06-2019 15:21 | By This Guy

Shouldn’t parking be made cheaper while the CBD is a warzone of construction, closed roads and empty shops? The thing EVERYONE complains about in the CBD is the cost of parking and that’s the main reason for avoiding going there, so your grand idea to help revive the CBD is to INCREASE PARKING CHARGES? How out of touch are you people?

Come on TCC

Posted on 25-06-2019 08:58 | By Shirley Turner

Why oh why increase parking fees when you have decresed the parking available. The CBD is full of trade vehicles, road cones, road closures, scaffolding and more and you increase the parking. How about taking the initiative of Hamilton and offer two hours free street parking to encourge those to shop in your ever decreasing CBD. Get a grip and look after thoese that are tying to look after the CBD. Its almost impossible to find a park in the CBD soon it will be impossible to find an open shop to go to !!!

There is a

Posted on 25-06-2019 08:47 | By The Caveman

GROWING business in the CBD - managing empty shops ! This will be a great BOOST to the business..............

Well done TCC

Posted on 25-06-2019 07:33 | By P0INT BLANK

Is this what you came up with when thinking of ideas of how to bring shoppers back to the CBD?

Parking Fees

Posted on 25-06-2019 06:01 | By surfsup

I park in the TV3 area every day. The broken glass is still there almost 1 month after it the bottles were smashed over a weekend. Question I have for the council is a very simple one- what is the reason for increasing the charges.


Posted on 24-06-2019 20:08 | By Merlin

Just wondering if it is time for a commission into this council that has happened elsewhere before when they get clueless?

Who Cares?

Posted on 24-06-2019 19:26 | By Maryfaith

No-one goes there anymore - apart from the younger crowd who gather on the Strand well after 5pm. You would need a hole in the head to visit the CBD before 3pm when meters cut out.

Parking Fees a Key to Solving Congestion

Posted on 24-06-2019 19:02 | By Sollygirl

This increase in parking charges is a welcome move to help reduce traffic congestion which is ruining Tauranga. Every progressive city in the world is working to dissuade people from bring their cars to the central city - encouraging instead travel by bus, cycle walking or car-sharing. I agree with the comments by "waxing" - parking charges need to increase still further to incentivise the travel behaviours we need to restore our city to a place for people rather than cars. The outlying malls have ruined the CBD as a destination as a place for shoppers and the CBD we knew will not return. Its future lies in it being a place to work, live, dine and be entertained with niche retail to support people who live and work there.

Good one?

Posted on 24-06-2019 18:18 | By Kancho

So road closures, building strengthening , shortage of parking and now increased parking fees. Spending money to try and revitalise downtown reported recently. Can you see a pattern here? Think downtown is dying and this will help no end. Free parking may have been a better option to get people back into town maybe? Goodbye downtown ..poor suffering retailers sorry

Here they go again - parking increase !!

Posted on 24-06-2019 17:16 | By tia

It is little wonder why people shop at The Crossing, Fraser Cove, Bayfair etc. and the CBD is dead and so many shops empty. Way to go Council.

Empty City

Posted on 24-06-2019 16:45 | By 2up

This is a country town with growing rows of vacant shops. How are they going to reverse this trend? Charge more for parking maybe...

What the heck is wrong with TCC?

Posted on 24-06-2019 16:15 | By Lvdw

It was not that long ago that they increased parking costs, flooded the city with development projects and started tearing up roads everywhere you looked. Now more parking cost increases ... fantastic move TCC. Yet another reason NOT to go tot the CBD. It just boggle the mind.

Wrong incentives

Posted on 24-06-2019 15:45 | By waxing

These increased parking charges continue to simply encourage people to drive their cars to work in Tauranga. We have the highest percentage anywhere in NZ of driver-only cars during peak hours. These increases still leave it cheaper to park in Cliff Rd and Dive Crescent than to get a return bus ticket to the CBD. Sheer stupidity TCC.