Cold again tonight, but sub-tropical warmth coming

Wednesday night.

This morning was the coldest morning of 2019 and while tonight looks frosty for some again, Thursday night looks much milder thanks to the sub-tropics.

"Currently high pressure with clear skies covers New Zealand and following the southerly at the start of this week it's helping 'lock in' that cold air, which is why we saw frosts as far north as Auckland this morning," says

Overnight tonight/Thursday morning will be cold too with frosts once again in similar places - although perhaps not quite as brutal for some with a touch of high cloud or a slight breeze developing. Still tonight looks colder than average in 85 per cent of the country but it is a tad 'warmer' than last night was.

However what a difference 24 little hours make.

"By Thursday night sub-tropical winds will lift the overnight lows, some by as much as 10 degrees. For example, Hamilton has lows around freezing but tomorrow night it's around 11 degrees.

"Friday is milder for most - but the weekend and into next week will gradually become colder and more wintry in many parts of New Zealand, even if you have sunny skies."

Thursday night.

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