Hire e-scooters in Tauranga by Christmas?

Tima Al-saedy has an eye on launching hire e-scooters in Tauranga by the end of the year. Photo by Simon O’Connor/Stuff.

Hireable electric scooters could be on the streets of Tauranga by the end of the year if a couple of young New Plymouth entrepreneurs have their way.

Tima Al-saedy and her partner Ahmed Al-Jumaily run Blip Scooters in their home town of New Plymouth. And they have run up 10,000 kilometres in the three months they have been operating.

Stuff reports Tima and Ahmed are now looking at further business opportunities and are targeting Tauranga and Palmerston North.

The couple explored San Diego on e-scooters and decided their home of New Plymouth needed some.

The three-month trial, which was due to finish this week, has been extended by the New Plymouth District Council until mid-July so it can finish evaluating feedback surveys sent out in May about the e-scooters.

"We want people to get out of their cars and exploring the city.”

Tima says all is going well so far, with more than 4000 customers signed up and 10,352km travelled on the e-scooters.

During the three-month trial eight scooters were thrown into the sea, four were snapped in half and others have been pulled from use because of wear and tear.

But there have been issues. Four e-scooters were thrown off the Coastal Walkway into the sea at one time and eight in total have ended up in the Tasman during the trial.

The couple, according to Stuff, had "minimal" bad feedback about the e-scooters and was only aware of one crash, which had been caused by human error.

Now the couple have their eye on Tauranga to expand their burgeoning ep-scooter business.

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If and when we have infrastructure ...

Posted on 12-06-2019 22:11 | By Murray.Guy

The various commuting options need to be understood, as do the policies and needs associated with them and their individual unique outcomes .... BEFORE ANY TRIAL. We put in a runway BEFORE we invite a plane!


Posted on 12-06-2019 18:50 | By Merlin

Elderly coming out of shop with these things going along the footpath at their pace whose reactions are slower than most would be in danger.Perhaps it is only a matter of time before some on is killed.Dont be so lazy get some execise.

No Thanks

Posted on 12-06-2019 17:18 | By Taffy

Its bad enough now without adding these things .Can you imagine Pilot Bay,the boardwalk on marine pde or the Strand with them flying along at 20 kph.


Posted on 12-06-2019 17:10 | By R1Squid

Is small enough to explore on foot. I can only see issues between hire scooters and the high number of mobility scooters that we have regularly using the footpaths now. Walking is much healthier that riding or driving and so walk!