New Zealanders want a better justice system

Andrew Little.

New Zealanders from across the country are calling for the criminal justice system to be overhauled, says Justice Minister Andrew Little.

The Minister today released the interim report He Waka Roimata from Te Uepu Hapai i te Ora Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Group, which captures feedback from New Zealanders on the current state of the justice system and offers insights on how it can be improved.

“I welcome the first report from Te Uepu, which clearly demonstrates a public appetite for long-term sustainable and enduring transformation in the justice system,” says Andrew.

“This report follows comprehensive engagement with the community and shows New Zealanders want to see less offending, less re-offending, and fewer victims of crime, who are better supported.

“The report provides sober reading. There are many stories and examples shared by victims, families, offenders and organisations that are upsetting, especially those that demonstrate failings in the system that could be avoided through simple, early and appropriate interventions.

“The report also offers hope. The overwhelming sense is that we can make change for the better, and deliver safer and more effective justice for all New Zealanders.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has given their voice especially those who have been victimised.

“Te Uepu is now developing reform options for the Government that it believes will contribute to a safer and more effective justice system,” says Andrew.

The interim report can be found at:



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Posted on 09-06-2019 10:58 | By TheCameltoeKid

What is it with these Labour Party people ? What gives them the right to tell us what we want? I think the majority of New Zealanders want lower fuel prices but do we see them delivering on that? No we don’t! Just more Labour Party Social Engineering trying to tell us how to think! We have nine long years of Clark doing that and she got what she royally deserved, Kicked to the Kerb! Hopefully there’s enough intelligent voters in New Zealand who see through this and boot them out at the next election. Which can’t come soon enough before they can do any more damage to the Country!