BOP Regional Council find mess in Kaituna River

Images: Facebook.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council are disappointed after being called to a mess at the Bell Road boat ramp yesterday.

The council posted the matter on their Facebook page, along with images showing the mess.

Some of the dumped items included four microwaves, a burnt mattress and other household waste.

“It’s always so disappointing and disheartening for our staff who work to protect the environment to come across such scenes, but in this case their faith was quickly restored by members of the community who helped prevent this rubbish from heading downstream, including two on their Jetski.

“Fortunately, by quickly getting a boat in the water, they managed to get prevent two truckloads of rubbish from entering this awa.”

The council are urging people to confidentially call 0800 884 883 if anyone knows details in regard to the matter.

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No excuse.

Posted on 08-06-2019 10:47 | By morepork

This is just wrong. And anybody looking at it can see it is wrong. If people can’t afford tipping fees they need to work something out or approach Council and state the problem. With help, the problem can be solved. To do this to the beautiful Kaituna is reckless and anti-social. This kind of environment disrespect should carry a mandatory jail sentence.

I suppose...

Posted on 07-06-2019 22:01 | By GreertonBoy

Making tips free again is out of the question?