Car rolls on TEL

Images: SunLive/Daniel Hines.

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A vehicle has rolled on State Highway 2 this afternoon along the Tauranga Eastern Link.

A police spokesperson says they were called to the crash at around 3.20pm.

“A car has flipped, blocking westbound lanes.”

A SunLive photographer at the scene says it looks like the SUV has hit the barriers causing it to overturn.

“It has happened in the right hand lane, as you are heading towards Tauranga near the Domain Road roundabout.

“Both sides of the road are down to one lane as emergency services are on both sides.

“The driver is getting seen to by ambulance.”

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Bad Roads

Posted on 18-06-2019 22:39 | By space cadet

Well we can hardly claim poor roading on this occasion can we? Barring a medical event there seems to be very little excuse for tipping your vehicle over on this highway. Instead of endlessly fiddling with road speed limits (another failed measure) why not raise the standard of driving? Something that would be very novel if nothing else.

On to it

Posted on 06-06-2019 15:40 | By

If an accident is not a medical event ,then its a drivers fault. They don’t have to lower the speed limit , there are idiot drivers out there that need to get rid of there shitty childish attitude ,and have some driving lessons. Don’t use cell phone,stay at legal following distance ,drive to conditions.

Question !!

Posted on 05-06-2019 20:54 | By The Caveman

What caused the vehicle to hit the barrier? If it was a ONE vehicle accident the question must be - was it a "driver medical problem", then good luck to the driver and lucky drivers on the other side of the road..... !!! If it was NOT a driver medical problem, then was it a "vehicle problem" ?? Was it up to WOF standard??? Yes, then it’s back to a "driver" problem. No doubt the police investigation will ID the the real cause/problem !!