Durham Street businesses offered rates relief

Businesses along Durham Street are being offered rates relief by the council. File photo.

Tauranga City Council is offering directly impacted businesses in the Durham Street project the opportunity to apply for rates relief.

A statement on the council’s website says the council understands the disruptions caused by the Durham Street Upgrade project is having an effect on some businesses.

The council says each application will be considered on an individual basis.

“An application detailing the impact in relation to the effect on your business should be emailed to to be given consideration.

“Please supply the address of the business and contact information for us to respond to.”

More progress was also made last week, with another three concrete pours in the carparking and footpath area near Smith Cycles.

Footpath work in front of Smiths Cycles was poured after hours to minimise disruption to business.

The council also says they now have an operating drinking fountain outside of the University of Waikato.

“The footpath outside of Trustpower has been excavated resulting in a change to pedestrian access. Access to Trustpower entrance is now from the carpark building side while the rest of the footpath to Bearepaires is excavated.

“The first section of the old asbestos cement waterpipe has been successfully removed to allow new rain gardens to be installed. There are two further sections to be removed in coming weeks.”

Spring Street from Cameron Road to Durham Street is now open to traffic. This means you can turn right from Spring Street going west to Durham Street.

Further work in this area continues to be delayed until service cables are relocated.

Work continues on the accessway from Spring Street to the University of Waikato. Excavation of the Focus on Property carpark is underway so that the park access meets the new Durham Lane level. The lane remains closed to traffic and pedestrians while excavation and construction is underway.

Durham Lane, from Durham Street to the Bongard Centre, remains closed to traffic while the Durham Street footpath and parking areas are concreted and cured.

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Barry J

Posted on 27-05-2019 16:14 | By BazzaJ

The Council should pay rates amount directly to the the business otherwise the landlord will take it .

They shouldn't have to apply

Posted on 27-05-2019 12:53 | By The Sage

All those businesses should be automatically exempt. That is the very least the Council can do. I am surprised they have weathered this prolonged disruption.