Council discuss pressing pause on projects

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Putting a pause on some projects in Tauranga was heavily discussed during Annual Plan deliberation meetings that took place this week.

Councillor Steve Morris raised the question that it would be beneficial to stop or put a pause on some Tauranga City Council projects.

“We all know about the number of projects which are coming in over budget, significantly over budget.

“Are there projects in which it would be beneficial that we just stop, that just pause now, until we give our chief executive the time?

“He needs to sort out this legacy that he’s inherited,” says Steve.

By putting a pause on some of the projects will give the new executive team the opportunity to rein in some of the ‘past blowouts’, Steve says.

In response to Steve, chief executive Marty Grenfell says they are reviewing many projects, particularly the ones involved with Heart of the City.

“It’s important that we work alongside developers and synchronize any investment we do, certainly in streetscape, footpath and utility upgrades with development,” says Marty.

One of the examples he cites is Wharf Street and the project planned for that area.

He continues to say they are also reviewing the top 20 transport projects.

“We need to understand the impact on efficiency and congestion. So that review is underway at the moment.”

Staff were asked about putting traffic lights at the 9th Ave and Cameron Road intersection, which General Manager for Infrastructure Martin Parkes added was one of the 20 projects currently being reviewed.

He says the project was aiming towards a combination of safety that also encourages walking and cycling.

Councillor John Robson was in support of his colleagues Steve Morris’s comments saying he is concerned they are not giving the executive team a chance to get on top of things.

“There’s still too much that we’re looking at doing that didn’t have the proper pre-flight checks done.

“The issue we face is that with the election and potentially a new council coming in is for them to get up to speed. The next time those can effectively be addressed possibly is the next Long Term Plan.

“And my concern is that’s a long time for us to be carrying some of the burdens of some of these and not actually facing the reality of the situation,” says John.

He continues on to say the reality is when the last LTP was done, there was no reality.

“It was a fantasy," says John.

“At the moment we are sitting in chaos. I just don’t think it’s fair to whoever’s coming in.

“It is a fair chance there will be 11 new people based on the track record of this council.

“Those people are going to be new, they’re going to need time to come up to speed. I think it behoves us to make sure we clear the decks for them. At least we could do is clear the decks,” says John.

Annual Plan deliberations took place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

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Posted on 29-05-2019 10:30 | By Merlin

Remember the local body elections are coming up.Choose those you want on the Council wisely.


Posted on 26-05-2019 13:56 | By Centurion

’The last LTP was a fantasy’. But Councillors OK’d it. Reality check, somebody. Anybody?


Posted on 26-05-2019 11:49 | By philiphallen

I would also like to know if the council and the mayor would care, or dare, to enlighten the rate paying public as to the plans of Bay Venues to spend multimillions of our dollars in developing a new swimming pool complex planned for Memorial Park, to avoid having to spend much less on major upgrades and redevelopment of the existing pool. This was reported here on Sunlive over a year ago and showed the grandiose money grabbing over the top scheme. It appeared from the illustration in the report showing the scheme destroying three already much loved and patronised facilities in the park. Namely, half the indoor multi use ball sport courts, the miniature golf course, and the miniature railway. And because of this new venue probably half the green space in front of the war memorial for extra car parking.

Pause on TCC projects

Posted on 26-05-2019 09:44 | By tia

At long last someone on Council has seen sense. Is Council living beyond it’s means? No-doubt yes and the poor ratepayer will be asked for more cash to meet the extreme overruns currently being seen. I may even suggest that Council is operating insolvent. A private business would be in liquidation by now. Just saying.