Papamoa Domain pine tree removal sparks debate

Images and Video: Daniel Hines.

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Tauranga citizens are expressing their frustrations on social media following the council’s decision to cut down the iconic pine trees in the Papamoa Domain.

The Environment Tauranga Facebook page shared a post on Tuesday in regard to the removal of the trees, where residents shared their opinions openly in comments.

Multiple comments mention how disappointing it is to see the trees being removed due to few complaints of the trees, as they provide great shelter, and how pine trees benefit the environment.

Although clear frustrations have been posted on social media, City Arborist Phill Lodge says council has not received any negative feedback about the tree removals at the Papamoa Domain.

Phill says the trees are being removed as part of an upgrade project, and other removals were related to ongoing management of trees at the domain.

“Ten trees have already been removed from the Domain, and maintenance is being undertaken on the remaining trees.”

With climate change and the environment at the centre of the tree removal debacle, Phill says the trees will be replaced appropriately.

“The trees will be replaced with a coastal species, in accordance with the Reserve Management Plan.”

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Papamoa Tree

Posted on 18-05-2019 10:08 | By

Those trees have been there since I was a kids over 60 years. I always new driving from Tauranga that the beach was close at hand. Very angry that the council is taking them down. They are a icon of Papamoa.Very sad indeed