Tauranga cyclists urged to ‘Be Bright’

Photo: Daniel Hines.

Whether it is the preferred travel method to get to work or school, for recreation or to experience the region’s scenery, riding a bike is a fun, affordable and healthy way to travel as well as a great way to travel all year round.

With reduced daylight hours and autumn settling in, people riding bikes are urged to take extra care and keep safe by being fully visible on the roads.

To remind riders to put lights on their bikes, Tauranga City Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Travel Safe and NZ Police are running their annual 'Be Bright' campaign during the month of May.

Checkpoints with Travel Safe staff assessing and providing reflective gear and lights to people on bikes will be set up at high traffic spots between May 13 - 20 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

Riders who have adequate lights will be rewarded with safe reflective cycling gear such as backpack covers, cat eyes and ankle and arm bands. Riders who do not have adequate lights will be fitted with a set of lights.

Travel Safe Programme Leader Karen Smith says for people on bikes, being seen by other road users, especially during times of low light and poor visibility, is essential to their safety.

“Using front and rear bike lights and wearing bright, reflective and high-visibility clothing are simple ways for people who ride bikes to improve their visibility,” says Karen.

ACC Workplaces and Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service will encourage workplaces to support active transport and physical activity through promotion of the “Be bright, Be safe, Be Seen – Safe Cycling” campaign as part of their WorkWell programme.

NZ Police will do a follow-up campaign encouraging people on bikes to be safe and be seen.

Cities, towns and regions around New Zealand, including Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty, will focus on increasing riders' awareness on how to improve their own and their bikes' visibility. The 'Be Bright' campaign coincides with the end of daylight savings.

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Posted on 09-05-2019 21:50 | By groutby

...’riders without adequate lights will be fitted with a set of lights’ that’s great!.. so then motorists who pay to be on the road are rewarded also for doing the right thing?..the message is: do the wrong thing and get sounds as though the "Travel Safe" programme is run by local councils and paid for by?? guessed it. Keep on givin’ the ’free stuff’ and they’ll keep coming back for more..seriously hard to understand..........