Rates-funded glass collection service on track

Some of the council’s glass recycling crew.

Tauranga City Council says it is well on track to meet its goal of preventing 6000 tonnes of glass unnecessarily going into landfill each year.

In October last year, Tauranga City Council introduced a rates-funded glass recycling service following the decision by private waste companies to no longer offer this service.

Six months later, the council estimates the kerbside service has collected almost twice as much glass as previous collections and serviced on average 5500 households each day.

Waste contracts and compliance team leader, Tim Senington, is pleased that public uptake of the service has been higher than anticipated.

"The service has enabled and encouraged more people to recycle glass. On average, 65 per cent of residents use the service on their collection day and less than one per cent of all crates presented at the kerb are refused, mostly because they are too full or contain broken glass.

"Glass is sorted into different colours by hand, which means almost 100 per cent of the glass can actually be recycled - more than ever before."

The council praises Tauranga residents for supporting glass recycling, as well as making the service providers feel welcome in their community.

“We’ve had reports from our drivers that residents have been friendly and shown genuine care for them.

“In one instance a resident asked if a truck driver was okay while they were taking a break to cool down on a very hot summer day.”

As a reminder, crates that contain broken glass cannot be collected due to the health and safety risks to staff in the process of hand sorting.

The kerbside collection service is expected to be extended in 2021 to include more types of waste, further increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill.

For more information about the glass collection service, visit or phone 07 577 7000.

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Common sense

Posted on 01-05-2019 10:29 | By Hammers1

Great to see this working well. Now add a second bin for plastic and paper and cans like most other councils in the country. I recycle everything I can and glass by volume is the lowest of all materials we dispose of.


Posted on 30-04-2019 17:13 | By

Because New Zealand talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. 100% pure.

Is that bin a joke?

Posted on 30-04-2019 16:07 | By jed

It is so tiny, for a family of 5 it fills up in the first 3 days of the 14 day collection cycle!

Glass collection at more cost to the ratepayer

Posted on 30-04-2019 14:50 | By jencap

We currently take our glass to the local recycling station, which is free, because we don’t have a lot of waste glass to dispose of. We’re now going to pay more in our rates whether we use it or not. What I would like to see is a recycling of all the plastic not just numbers 1 and 2 as most of the plastic containers go into landfill. Yoghurt pots,sauces and spreads, make up, the list is long of plastic that isn’t recyclable in New Zealand but is in other countries. Why is that?


Posted on 30-04-2019 13:56 | By rogue

why is this rates funded? did the previous recycling company tender for ALL recycling? if so did they break their obligations in their tender by refusing to pick up glass because it no longer suited them? or did the council neglect to inform rate paying residents that glass would no longer be picked up. this decision didn’t happen over night as i’m sure the tender period would be for an extended timeframe. therefore is the council negligent in their due diligence..... again?