Pass rates in NCEA level three rapidly increase

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

The percentage of Year 11 students achieving NCEA level one fell three percentage points to 72 percent last year.

The drop was the biggest change in pass rates reported by the Qualifications Authority today.

The achievement rate for Year 12s completing level two dropped a percentage point to 77 percent.

However, the percentage of Year 13 students passing NCEA level three rose one percentage point to 66 percent and their University Entrance achievement rate improved half a percentage point to 49 percent.

The Qualifications Authority and Education Ministry says some levelling off of pass rates was expected after years of improvements.


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Posted on 30-04-2019 08:28 | By bigted

I am an ex-educator. The "passes" that are given are massaged by schools and indeed teachers, in order to seem better than reality. No school, indeed, a teacher wishes to see failure - in fact some schools’ livelihood’s depend upon these figures being optimistic.


Posted on 29-04-2019 21:33 | By The Caveman

What about the Year 11 & 12 students have fallen !!! And the year 13 students went up - YES UP 1% who is trying to con who???? Seems the real standard is FALLING !!!! Especially when you look at the YOUNGER students !!!