CGT back down a win for Kiwis – Bridges

Simon Bridges addressing media at his offices in Tauranga today. Photo and video by Daniel Hines.

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Following the announcement that the Government is not going ahead with the Capital Gains Tax, opposition leader Simon Bridges says “there is still a range of taxes on the table”.

He says after 18 months of waiting and a $2 million tax working group, National’s relentless opposition to a Capital Gains Tax has forced the Government to back down.

During a media standup at his offices in Tauranga this afternoon, Simon says the taxes still on the table include a vacant land tax, an agricultural tax and a waste tax.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she personally still wants a Capital Gains Tax and that our tax system is unfair.”

“The New Zealand economy has suffered while the Government has had a public discussion about a policy they couldn’t agree on. Put simply, this is political and economic mismanagement.

“Investment has completely slowed down while business owners worry what the future looked like. That has made New Zealanders worse off.

“Our economy was growing at four per cent two years ago – it’s rapidly heading down to two per cent. They have no economic plan to speak of at all because the Government has sapped the confidence out of small business owners and mum and dad investors.

“In the Government’s so called year of delivery, they’ve dropped their flagship tax policy,” says Simon.

“The big question remains, what are they doing to encourage the economy to grow?

“Unlike the Government, National has a plan when it comes to the economy. We won’t introduce any new taxes in our first term and we will index tax brackets to inflation. National believes Kiwis deserve to keep more of what they earn.”

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Tom Ranger

Posted on 18-04-2019 13:24 | By

His reliable sources were correct as a watered down version is exactly what Labour had tried to get over the line with Winston (The decision you talk about). The costs to the tax-payer are another issue that illustrates how we should be reducing the costs involved in govt.


Posted on 17-04-2019 18:53 | By Merlin

Simon said his reliable sources told him their would be a watered down version of CGT.Now he is claiming it was National causing it to not go ahead.The decision was made by the coalition after listening to many feedbacks.As to the 2 million cost for the review i am reminded of the 26 million for the flag review.Some of the opposition statements need fact checking.


Posted on 17-04-2019 18:48 | By Merlin

Simon’s said reliable sources said a watered down version was to be announced.Was this pure guessing and had no factual background.As to National causing it what a load of rubbish the decision came from within the coalition after listening to the NZ public and concerned interests.As to the 2 million review costs I am reminded of the 26 million for the flag referendum.It is becoming increasingly difficult to make factual information from the statements issued by the leader of the opposition.