Tauranga City Council launches Antenno

Tauranga City Council has launched the Antenno mobile phone app as a new, easy-to-use platform to connect with them.

The Antenno app will replace the old FixIt and MyCouncil apps, allowing the public to report issues in their community, such as abandoned cars or graffiti.

Antenno also allows Council to send users push notifications about places that are important to them. Users can save as many ‘places’ as they like, and can opt out of receiving notifications, says a council spokesperson.

"Tauranga City Council will send Antenno users notifications about their specific suburbs or the whole of Tauranga on topics such as road closures, rates reminders, and changes to kerbside collections.

"Antenno has been adopted by other councils around the country, including Opotiki District Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council."

The FixIt and MyCouncil apps are no longer operational. Users of these apps, as well as the wider community are encouraged to download Antenno. Click here for links to download the app.

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More waste

Posted on 05-04-2019 16:12 | By

my experience is that you contact them with issues and you get nowhere. Repeatedly ignored, lied to and fobbed off. This will make no difference whatsoever.

Very rare smart move by council

Posted on 05-04-2019 13:45 | By jed

Council are generally hopeless a most things they attempt. Especially when it comes to information technology they seem to be in the last century thinking wise. However, this antenno sounds like a great little app. It would be nice if it also notified people about council projects in their neighbourhood.