Misjudgement causes boat to overturn

A screenshot from the video on the Maketu Coastguard Facebook page.

Misjudgement of the channel at Maketu prompted an emergency callout on Saturday evening.

Just after 7pm, the call came in to coastguard from the general public that they had seen a boat overturn on the Maketu Bar while trying to come in.

Maketu Coastguard president Shane Beech says it was a five and a half meter fibreglass fishing boat that had three people on board.

“It looked like two were thrown out of the boat and one was trapped under the boat for a short time.

“So coastguard responded with Kohinui Rescue and their rescue jetski.

“The occupant that was trapped under the boat managed to free himself and by the time coastguard got there, all three were in the water line close to shore.”

Shane says one of the occupants was in an unwell state, so assessed him and decided that he needed medical attention ASAP.

“We put him on the rescue boat and brought him back to the Maketu shoreline, where ambulance and fire arrived, and a recommendation was to respond the rescue helicopter and get him to hospital.”

Shane says the conditions at Maketu at the time, weren’t too bad but thinks the main problem was the boat was only purchased the day before.

“It was its maiden trip out over the bar. It was the first time out of Maketu as well and basically just misjudged just coming in, in regards to where the actual channel was and believe he hit a sandbar and then a wave came in behind him and flipped him over.”

Shane says from the initial boat rolling over, to coastguard being there to assist, was between 10 to 15 minutes.

“The whole operation took roughly about an hour by the time we got them to shore and the helicopter came in and transported to hospital.

“It was a great response from all the Maketu emergency services, for a very positive outcome.”

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