Logging truck crash on Pyes Pa Road

A logging truck has crashed into a river this afternoon near Oropi Gorge. Photos: Daniel Hines.

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A logging truck has crashed into a river on Pyes Pa Road this afternoon.

A police spokesperson says emergency services are currently attending the crash, on the Tauranga side of the Oropi Gorge.

“A logging truck has crashed into the river.

“It is unclear if the driver has suffered injuries or not.”

Police are advising motorists to avoid the area while emergency services work at the scene.

Pyes Pa Road is on State Highway 36 and is the main route connecting Tauranga and Rotorua.

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Re; Another one

Posted on 28-05-2019 17:12 | By

Hmm that truck looks familiar oh wait thats my dad? Pft Maniacs you recon if you knew what happened then that comment wouldnt be here lmao, He had no brakes in his truck so yeah Maniacs in you mind aye

Another one

Posted on 18-03-2019 20:56 | By

Maniacs everywhere.