Oceans’ 19 celebrates Women’s Day

Oceans’ 19 celebrates women’s day with stunning performances on the beach (Photos: Surf Life Saving New Zealand‎)

After a brief wind storm yesterday it is looking great for day three of Oceans' 19 at Mount Maunganui.

The event runs over 4 days from Thursday March 7 to Sunday March 10 and has 857 under 14 athletes battling the ocean and their fellow competitors.

Surf Life Saving celebrated women’s day on Friday at Mount Maunganui beach at Oceans’ 19.

Women in Surf Lifesaving have always played a huge part in ensuring the organisation and Surf Life Saving continues to enable girls and women opportunities to realise their potential through sport.

“We are hugely proud of the fact that the surf lifesaving movement in New Zealand was among the first in the world to include women as active lifeguards, and the legacy continues today” commented Event Manager Matt Warren. “With over 440 girls taking part, and a large number of women in coaching, management and key leadership roles, we are well positioned for the future”.

Deputy Referee Simone Spencer adds “It is hugely beneficial to an organisation to continue to be actively addressing inclusivity and diversity as this is critical for all successful factors”.

There some stunning performances by both girls and boys on Friday. The day started with Beach Sprint and Board Rescue. On the beach Omanu and Mt Maunganui continued to fight out many of the placing with Red Beach, East End and Fitzroy from Taranaki.

The Board Rescue event sees teams of two perform a rescue with the two paddling back to shore on a rescue board. The well performed women's team of Charlie Twose and Zoe Crawford from Mairangi Bay finished first, Lucy Bartlett and Lucy Carey from Omanu came second, and third were Suya Haering and Myara Flint also from Mairangi Bay.

Charlie Twose and Zoe Crawford from Mairangi Bay

As the wind picked up in the afternoon the conditions got a bit more challenging to the under 11 diamond heats but the young athletes managed the conditions extremely well.

With the weather forecast to clear over the weekend we look forward to more great racing.

Results from day Two:

Beach Sprint
U14 Male. Oska Smith, Waikanae 1, Jasper Ferguson-Lees, Sumner 2, Akira Gardiner, Red Beach 3.
U14 Female. Sophie Lynskey, Mt Maunganui 1, Lucy Bartlett, Omanu 2, Myara Flint, Mairangi Bay 3.
U13 Male. Zak Johnson, Fitzroy 1, Ned Steane, Whakatane 2, Logan West, Papamoa 3.
U13 Female. Sunniva Hunt, Ruakaka 1, Grace Akeripa, Ocean Beach Kiwi 2, Olivia Tukia, Piha 3.
U12 Male. Callum Gordon, East End 1, Iraia Roberts, Westshore 2, Rico Nixon, Omanu 3.
U12 Female. Chloe Kapene, Waikanae 1, Mahana Demeulemeester, Red Beach 2, Annaliese Jenner, Waihi Beach 3.
U11 Male. Josh O'Sullivan, Red Beach 1, Matthew Dalton, Mairangi Bay 2, Remy Syminton, Omaha Beach 3.
U11 Female. Asha James, Omanu 1, Charley March, Red Beach 2, Alexis Elemam, Fitzroy 3.

Board Rescue
U14 Male. Whangamata (Matthew Robinson/Nathaniel Allen) 1, Mt Maunganui (Mitchell Bark Riki/Jai Knight) 2, Mt Maunganui (Jacob Reeder/Gene Baggott) 3.
U14 Female. Mairangi Bay (Charlie Twose/Zoe Crawford) 1, Omanu (Lucy Bartlett/Jessica Carey) 2, Mairangi Bay (Suya Haering/Myara Flint) 3.

Beach Relay
U14 Mixed. Mt Maunganui (Jai Knight/Mitchell Bark Riki/Sophie Lynskey/Maya Carr-Manoit) 1, Westshore (Art Woodley-Hanan/Edu Tremain/Baylie Young/Sophie Pollock) 2, Waihi Beach (Hamish Hart/Logan Jenner/Bella-Rose Mountfort/Tammy Richardson) 3.
U13 Mixed. Titahi Bay (Harrison Pullan/Liam Neal/Phoebe Campbell/Kaya McMahon) 1, Mt Maunganui (Oliver Drewe/Thomas Richardson/Danielle Fowler/Brea Miller) 2, Red Beach (Jasper Cornish/Kaiha Gilbertson/Maddie Rist/Jonelle Little) 3.
U12 Mixed. Omanu (Rico Nixon/Luke Morton/Maddison Greetham/Monique Bartlett) 1, Maranui (Jay Philp/Quinn Kirk/Ella Strang/Olivia Butcher) 2, Westshore (Iraia Roberts/Jesse Beals/Alice Grant/Mela Tremain) 3.
U11 Mixed. Mt Maunganui (Elliot Drewe/Ciaran Manning/Paige Rickard/Tetsani Thompson) 1, Omanu (Cole Frazer/Charlie Shivnan/Asha James/Mackenzie Bryant) 2, Mt Maunganui (Vinnie Baggott/Charlie De La Haye/Eleanor Pugh/Hayley Fowler) 3.

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