Tree fall not ’Tauranga Council’s responsibility’

A property in Gate Pa is significantly damaged due to a tree fall.

A tree toppling on a Gate Pa property is being called an “unfortunate situation”.

Parks and Environment Team Leader Warren Aitken says although the situation is unfortunate, it’s not the council’s issue.

“Trees on private property are only the responsibility of Council if they have notable, heritage or significant status.

“It’s not fair to ratepayers to spend Council money on resolving problems with privately owned trees.

The issue is being raised after a tree fell down on to a woman’s property in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The woman claims she contacted council about the issue many times in the past few years, however the council say they can do nothing about it as the tree is on private property.

Warren sympathises with the householder, however they have no jurisdiction in this case.

“We suggest that people who are concerned about trees on private property try to come to an agreement with their owners.”

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Retaining wall

Posted on 07-03-2019 18:46 | By Kancho

Again what about the retaining wall? why is it a council problem.? Section retaining walls are the owners responsibility. Buying a property on sloping land , the top of a cliff or bottom of a cliff or beside a river or the coast is a risk entered into by the purchaser and developers. Land stability unless deliberately undermined is the owners problem surely. Feel for you but good luck with that .

Another property in gate pa

Posted on 07-03-2019 14:24 | By knight

This council is useless ,my property is on the side of a bank that is council land. It is falling away and taking my property with it, they sent someone out and All they said was, we dont do retaining not our problem. even though it is council land that they maintain .They should all be fired and start again.