Council looking into Greerton upgrades

Recently installed traffic lights in Greerton.(Photo: Rosalie Liddle Crawford)

Ten months of upgrades to Greerton Village roads and intersections are done, but it seems the job’s not finished.

Tauranga City Council elected members have now asked staff to go back and look at options of improving the improvements.

Mayor Greg Brownless has emphasised the need to focus on looking forward concerning Greerton roadworks, instead of looking back.

The council’s transport committee wants an examination of options for improving the traffic flows through Greerton along Cameron Road, without compromising safety.

The upgrades were designed to help improve Greerton Village for everyone – people walking, on bikes, on mobility scooters and in cars. But it caused an outcry from retailers and residents alike.

”It’s not as street anymore, it’s a carpark,” observed one retailer as stalled traffic banked up along Cameron Road.

Another resident conducted a petition which attracted hundreds of signatories.

Options the committee want explored are:

- improving the general traffic flow through the Greerton area

- prioritisation of emergency services and buses in and out of Greerton area

- a pedestrian overpass or underpass

- relocating the current lights controlled Cameron Road pedestrian crossing further to the north and reviewing the timing of the wait period for pedestrians at the Cameron Road crossing, particularly during peak times.

Council CEO Marty Grenfell has also begun an independent review of the Greerton project and a range of other projects – the goal being to understand if there are issues or themes with council processes and decisions that council can learn from.

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Absolute muppets

Posted on 02-03-2019 14:59 | By kiwigirl41

I asked at the time and I’ll ask again...’who’s the Muppet that designed the ’improvements to Greerton? ’ hopefully they’re not travelling the country causing havoc to other towns....

It Wasn't Broken ......

Posted on 28-02-2019 16:22 | By Maryfaith

..... until TCC got the ’experts’ into ’fixing it’ good and proper. Now they’ll spend millions ’fixing it’ again. I suggest looking back and putting the damned thing back how it was! The pedestrian crossings were fine where they were and the two lanes of traffic at least moved!! Shame on this incompetent council. I’d like to say a lot more but then my comment would not get to print!


Posted on 28-02-2019 16:12 | By penguin

...A.A. Milne’s animal with ’’little brain’’ would have known that installing traffic lights adjacent to a busy roundabout was destined to create problems. When activated by pedestrians, the whole traffic flow often locks up. Bit ironic that the engineers are contemplating moving the crossing back o a position near from whence it came! Oh dear says Pooh Bear...

Bike lane

Posted on 28-02-2019 14:18 | By First Responder

Have a close look at the Cornwall st roundabout. The cycle lane heading to town stops before the roundabout, then starts again after. Why did it not continue?


Posted on 28-02-2019 12:24 | By

That sure says it all. People are now avoiding the area as the traffic has just become unbearable. I pity the service vehicles trying to get through there.


Posted on 28-02-2019 12:13 | By Told you

You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to see what it required in Greerton, the sooner the council reinstate the two lane system the better,there is no safety problems with this.


Posted on 28-02-2019 11:47 | By tabatha

Yes it takes time, but if workers listened to the users it would be better. Please to see CEO is looking at how planning etc. is done. Perhaps the need to consult would be the first step when planning rather than we are doing it.

But will they do anything.

Posted on 28-02-2019 10:14 | By Angels

How can this mess happen. They would not listen to the locals at the meeting prior to the so called improvements. How do planner keep their jobs after making a HUGE mess of traffic, screwing up businesses. Are they bike riding greenies doing these plans. If they are motorists they have no common sense. Going from 2 lanes to 1 does not improve traffic flow. A grade 2, form 2. ,even can figure this out. Our traffic planner , are not planners, nor do they listen when consulted. They think they know it all and now we see this HUGE mess. No one is ever Accountable anymore. At least council are giving us some lip service that they will look into it. But if trusting our current planners they will as proven will only make it worse. Where have they been succcessfull in traffic planning in the last 5years.