Pursuit ends with car crashing into police

A police car was damaged in the pursuit. File photo.

One person is in custody after a vehicle failed to stop for police near Taneatua at around 12pm today.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle due to concerns about the manner of driving. After it failed to stop a pursuit was initiated.

Shortly afterwards the vehicle crashed into a truck on the Pekatahi Bridge.

A police spokesperson says the vehicle then reversed into a police vehicle.

“The driver then fled on foot and attempted to take another vehicle.

“The driver was then taken into custody by police.”

The driver received a minor injury in the initial crash and was taken by ambulance to hospital and has since been discharged.

The driver of the truck was not injured.

“These sorts of incidents are always challenging, dynamic, and complex events for police staff.

“Our focus is on preventing harm and keeping people safe on our roads.

“Police always face a difficult balance in protecting the public from dangerous driving behaviour and potentially causing the offending drivers to take greater risks.

“Police staff always assess the risk of pursuing fleeing drivers, and take every decision very seriously.

“This is continually reassessed throughout the fleeing driver event.”

Police prefer that anybody who is signalled to stop by police, simply pull over and stop.

It is not worth putting your life, your passengers’ life, or anyone else’s life at risk.

This is the second police chase in the Eastern Bay of Plenty in the last week.

One person died on Thursday following a police chase in Kawerau.

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It's just not possible...............

Posted on 26-02-2019 21:48 | By groutby understand that we (as a country) are even considering the ’loosening up’ of drug laws with behavior such as this....actions as such surely cannot be solely of someone who is not under ’the influence’ of something?..surely?....but if this is the ’normal’ actions of a human, then we have serious problems ahead...