Route 40 bus free for Welcome Bay students

File photo.

Welcome Bay students using urban route 40 will be able to travel for free from Monday.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council announced overnight that Welcome Bay school students using the bus both into and out of the CBD, won't face a fee.

"Route 40 will be added to the free school bus trial service which started at the beginning of Term One for Welcome Bay students.

"The route 40 bus will be for any school student (i.e. anyone in school uniform or child travelling in school times)."

It is hoped the trial which will run for the 2019 school year can assist in easing Tauranga’s traffic congestion, says a council communications spokesperson.

"Meanwhile, Regional Council has made good progress as it explores alternative school bus options to help make the Tauranga Urban service more reliable due to the NZ Bus driver shortage affecting network reliability."

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Posted on 10-03-2019 02:49 | By

i catch 40 everyday going in and out of welcome bay and i dont have any complaints about the buses going out being free but half the time the bus drivers arent even informed about the bus being free coming back into welcome bay and ive seen some students not being able to catch earlier buses because bus drivers dont know and ask them to pay when they have no money and just this week me and my friend when trying to catch the bus we told the bus driver how the bus is free but she insisted that we were talking "bullshit" and continued to slam my friends phone which had evidence and confirmation from the company itself onto the card machine and told us to get out. in all honesty the buses are just a joke

Come and live here then

Posted on 23-02-2019 13:04 | By Captain Hottie

#Ratepayer. Maybe because there are no intermediate or secondary schools in Welcome Bay nor likely to ever be any. The closest are TBC and TGC which are a good 7km away and biking/walking is not really an option. Also there are no facilities in Welcome Bay - shopping centre, supermarket, gym, decent eateries (and Uber Eats won’t deliver out this far). You could argue, why live here if you know it’s like that. I’ve been here nearly 20 years and have seen every other suburb get upgraded but not WB. Free school buses for kids is at least a good start.

Still a lot more to owing

Posted on 22-02-2019 11:43 | By

#Rate Payer - The real discrimination is the way the local council has treated the rate payers of Welcome Bay for years. Taking their money but giving nothing back, free buses are a good start. Though until the council fixes "Cameron - Turret" nothing will really improve.

Rate payer

Posted on 22-02-2019 07:16 | By

Are the people in welcome Bay the only people that are allowed a rate rebate on public transport. Discrimination