Significant damage in two car crash

The vehicles crashed at the intersection of Bureta Road and Vale Street. Supplied photo.

Two vehicles have sustained significant damage in crash in Bureta this morning.

A SunLive reader took a photo of the crash, at the intersection of Bureta Road and Vale Street.

The photo shows "significant' damage to the frontal part of both vehicles.

SunLive is working on getting more information an will update this story as soon as we can.

At the scene?

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Compulsory Stop

Posted on 18-02-2019 16:44 | By davidt5

It is very noticeable in Tauranga that most driver’s do not bother to stop at a Compulsory Stop sign. Rather they drive through at a greater speed than they would through a Give Way sign. But the real question is why Otumoetai Rd has almost equal numbers of Give Way signs as Compulsory Stop signs. Oddly in each case the side road is connecting on to the same busy road. Maybe council staff used Give Way signs on even years and Compulsory Stop signs on odd years.