Bus service timetable changes on Baybus website

Bus passengers using the Tauranga/Western Bay network can now find if there are disruptions to their bus trips on or by calling 0800 4 BAY BUS.

The Baybus website will be updated by 6pm each day with the following days cancelled Bayhopper bus services as notified by NZ Bus.

Due to a driver shortage a number of cancelled services and dropped trips have affected commuters, school children and parents.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Public Transport Committee Chairman Lyall Thurston sincerely apologises for the challenges that have been experienced by some passengers.

“We acknowledge this is impacting on the trust and confidence in our public transport system and we are working extremely hard with NZ Bus to resolve the immediate issues."

Please head to to help plan your journey or call 0800 4 BAY BUS.

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This Is Not True

Posted on 12-02-2019 18:29 | By Thoughtful

For the past 2 days the 7.15am no. 72 bus from Otumoetai to CBDhas not run, and it has NOT been listed as a cancelled service. That is 5 times in the past week that this service has been cancelled, and on one day the following service at 7.45am was also cancelled leaving many commuters high and dry. The general talk at the bus stops is that people are returning to cars, walking or bikes - anything that will get them to work in time, which the current bus service doesn’t.

Bring back the previous bus operations

Posted on 12-02-2019 16:51 | By Kancho

The previous buses suited my needs especially the route. The new system requires bus changes that have so far doubled the time to get where I need. I have gone back to my car and probably won’t return to buses. Shame

Withdraw The Contract

Posted on 12-02-2019 14:38 | By Mommatum

Hear hear Road Ranger. All that was needed to improve Tauranga’s bus service was some earlier/later starts, and a few other “tweaks” eg at least one bus going down Totara Street, not complete cuts to certain routes, and needed stops on others being ommited altogether. As to driver shortages NZ Bus shoud’ve made sure they had the necessary staff before even tendering for this contract and as they have failed to deliver it should be taken off them and handed back to the previous operator. Next time Western Bay Regional Council should leave local public transport in the hands of a local operator who is familiar with local needs and the area to be covered because this current bunch of clowns not only don’t have a clue but don’t give a monkey’s for Tauranga bus users.

Too late

Posted on 12-02-2019 13:50 | By clingon

After waiting twice at bus stops for a bus that drove right past her and her two school friends at the start of the school year, and hitch hiking the first day and having a woman walking her dog go home and get her car to take the group to tauranga girls college the second day, my step daughter has got her restricted driving licence and is now taking her mums car to school- 12 minutes, not late for assembly and no dramas- cheaper to buy petrol than pay for the bus also. A total shambles and so stressful for students and everyone else. She is so grateful for her new found freedom and getting to school has never been easier. Bye bye buses, you had your chance...

Don't Blame the Driver Shortage

Posted on 12-02-2019 12:52 | By Road Ranger

the previous operators did NOT have this problem. The problem lies with NZ Bus’s broken shifts. Give the drivers a better roster and you may get the staff required.

Useless council again

Posted on 12-02-2019 12:28 | By normal local

This is yet another example of a council (regional this time) being so stupid as to not do due-diligence on a provider. Everyone knows that NZ Bus are useless in every other region they are in, but wait BOP welcome them to town. Why would anyone in their right mind do that? I have staff who rely on the bus service (and I used to recommend people use the bus) but it is so unreliable now that we never know what time they are going to arrive at work.

What a Joke

Posted on 12-02-2019 12:06 | By Taffy

I hope that the contract with NZ Bus has penalty clauses for cancelled buses. Just look at todays list at the total number of cancelled Maungatapu had two early this morning , first bus at 6.40am then next 2 cancelled next bus at 8.10am just on peak period for commuters to go to work!! The Regional council say they are working extremely hard with NZ Bus perhaps they should just cancel the contract and go back to what we had or even go back to Tony Lugg.

How about GPS logging too?

Posted on 12-02-2019 12:02 | By jed

Why can’t we see a map of tauranga with every bus realtime location? The people who plan Tauranga bus services are living in the last centry.