Bridges launches campaign for young Kiwis

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National Leader Simon Bridges has launched the final ‘Have Your Say’ campaign, calling for young New Zealanders to put forward their ideas for the future of New Zealand, as part of National’s 2020 election policy development process.

“Today’s young New Zealanders are tomorrow’s leaders and it’s important we get their feedback and allow them to put forward their ideas about the future of our country and about how we ensure it remains a place where they want to live, work and raise their families.

“We want National to embody the type of New Zealand that our future doctors, teachers, tradespeople and farmers want to see, and we want to ensure they see the opportunities for them and their families here.

“National have launched our ‘Have Your Say’ listening campaigns last year so we could hear from New Zealanders about what matters to them and about their ideas for their future.

“This is the first step in our policy development process – we are doing the work now so that should we earn the right to govern in 2020, we are ready to hit the ground running,” says Simon.

Simon says it’s clear that the Government didn’t do the work in opposition and that’s why it’s had to launch more than 200 reviews and working groups and why its flagship policies are descending into farce and taking New Zealand backwards.

“It’s spending $2.8 billion on a fees free scheme which has attracted no extra students.

“The number of 18-24 year olds receiving a benefit has increased by 10 percent when it’s this age group which needs the most encouragement to get into work now to avoid a lifetime of benefit dependency.

“It’s also set to break its promise to build 100,000 affordable houses as KiwiBuild descends into farce while it’s making it harder for private sector developers to build by restricting the foreign investment needed to fund housing developments.

“We won’t make the same mistake,” says Simon.

“We will do the work now to give New Zealanders the choice in 2020 of a government in waiting that has done the work, has the fresh ideas and is ready to combat some of New Zealand’s most significant challenges.

“Our final ‘Have Your Say’ campaign is about ensuring young Kiwis are listened to. We want to make sure our policies reflect their input, are meaningful and will improve lives,” says Simon.

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Posted on 11-02-2019 16:43 | By penguin

...Bridges rhetoric. He begins with a vague outline of a plan then launches into a load of garbage about the government’s shortcomings. He would do well to say nothing - that way he wouldn’t show himself as a politician without real credibility. Merlin’s comments make more sense.

Wrong Leader

Posted on 11-02-2019 09:54 | By Jem762

Time for a new leader, please. I would like to vote National in the next election.

now they are out of power they have good ideas and when they are in power they or he does nothing good for the young and unemployed

Posted on 10-02-2019 18:33 | By linds675

now they are out of power they have good ideas and when they are in power they or he does nothing good for the young and unemployed. bridges not made as he said it would sold all the assets from nz owned then says dont know why all the prices are going up for power ??? you sold it to a profit driven private entity, NAtional go away

Young ones

Posted on 10-02-2019 16:28 | By Told you

Why does Simon think the young ones know any better than the older generation ,I think he is clutching at straws.


Posted on 10-02-2019 13:55 | By Merlin

Rhetoric and spin.10 no bridges and no GST increase,wasted flag referendum,ran down hospitals and education,no housing crisis and that is whilst you were the Government.Blah Blah.