Stolen car stuck on Papamoa beach

Photo was sent in to us

UPDATE:The Papamoa Community rallied together today to pull out a stolen Ute stuck on Papamoa beach.

Police say the owner of the car reported it stolen and it appeared to have been abandoned on the beach.

This morning a member of the Papamoa Link Facebook group who had been walking on the beach posted a photo of the Ute in the water at Taylor’s Reserve.

The photo was seen by the owner who reported that it had been stolen the previous evening.

The water level was rising around the vehicle with the incoming tide as people arrived to assist.

Jase Lunn and Andrew Clunie read the post on Papamoa Link and drove their own 4WD vehicles down to the beach to help.

The Ute has now been towed away.


People are frantically trying to free a four wheel drive Ute from the rising tide at the beach in Papamoa near Taylor Reserve.

Police say the owner of the car reported it stolen.

It appears to have been abandoned on the beach by whoever took it.

Police say at this stage it needs to be towed out of the water.

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Posted on 10-02-2019 10:28 | By DJBP

I can just imagine the conversation. Lets just drive down the beach to this secluded spot to check out the surf. Yeah, mate, no one will be down there and the surfs pumping. Oh, the sands a bit soft here. Boot it then, or we’ll get stuck. Uh, oh, too late. Better get some help, before the tide comes in, lets go. Oh, mate, the waters getting close. The boss is going to kill me for ditching the ute. Just report it stolen. At least the insurance will cover it.


Posted on 09-02-2019 11:59 | By Pcsparks

Bit strange It’s not 4 wheel drive Was on the beach fishing from 6am till 8.30 the owner turned up at 7.30 and said it was stolen The thieves must have had a conscience because they had tried to free it overnight as it had a tow rope attached to the front They had also locked it up when they couldn’t move it Sounds like a dodgy story the owner is putting out there