Labour List MP urges patients to check GP prices

Not all GP’s are offering their patients lower fees, says Jan Tinetti.

Labour’s Jan Tinetti is encouraging people to ask their GP or medical practice if they are part of the Government’s lower fees scheme.

The Tauranga-based list MP says in the past, the prices of GP appointments have put people off needed visits.

“Before the last election, more than half a million New Zealanders a year avoided going to the doctor because of the cost involved.

“With this Government’s commitment to improving primary health care, we implemented cheaper fees for Community Services and SuperGold card holders which were introduced on December 1 2018.”

Jan says not all doctors are offering the cheaper rates.

“We don’t have a list of the doctors who are offering the cheaper visits, so it’s really a matter of people doing their own homework if they are wanting to pay less for their doctor’s visits.”

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Tired of the spin

Posted on 31-01-2019 15:35 | By Really

The election was September 2017...It is getting tiresome that everything the labour party releases says how much better things are since the last election. Maybe they are trying to convince themselves of that as I haven’t talked to anyone who shares this view.