What do Kiwis eat on Christmas Day?

Pork or ham is Kiwis favourite go to food for Christmas Day. Image supplied.

The Great New Zealand Christmas Census has spoken: pork or ham is the meat of choice for a Kiwi Christmas.

After a poll – on behalf of Retail Meat New Zealand – over 1,500 Kiwis covering a range of Christmas traditions, pork or ham was the go-to meat of choice for 37 percent of respondents.

Lamb was a close second with 30 percent and beef came in third with 12 percent.

Food takes centre stage in most Kiwi households over the Christmas period. Picking which meat will take centre stage for your Christmas kai is an integral part of the planning process.

Riki Kerekere was the 2018 Alto Butcher of the Year and is a squad member of the New Zealand butchery team, the Sharp Blacks.

Overseeing the supply of meat to all Countdown stores in the North Island, Riki is well positioned to know which meats are making Kiwis most hungry this Christmas.

“The results of the Christmas census tally up with what products we’re seeing flying off the Countdown shelves, you couldn’t get more Kiwi than hot ham at Christmas,” says Riki.

“Equally, lamb is really popular at this time of year. People want something special to treat their family to and can you think of anything better than a leg of New Zealand lamb? Although saying that, I am partial to a shoulder of lamb!”

The Great New Zealand Christmas Census also covered a range of other topics that contribute to a classic Kiwi Christmas. Cooking methods of meat surveyed were naturally dominated by ovens and barbecues, with the former receiving 54 percent of votes and barbecues receiving 40 percent.

Veges can make or break your Christmas meal. Over 91 percent stated they will be enjoying potatoes on the big day, 78 percent will be enjoying a ‘mixed salad’ whilst just 34 people will be crunching on some kale.

For dessert, over 71 percent will be having the quintessentially Kiwi pavlova. Trifle was next on the list and strawberries and cream rounded out the top three.

Once the eating is over, attention turns to some quality time with the family. Top activities for New Zealanders included opening presents, backyard games and having a sleep. 16 people even stated they were going to get out for a round of golf.

Regardless of what kai you’ll be eating and what games you’ll be playing, this festive season have a laugh, create new memories and enjoy Christmas with family and friends.

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Posted on 24-12-2018 13:55 | By Madmax

Food thats what we eat