Speed determines whether you live or die - police

The speed you’re travelling at has the biggest impact in a crash as to whether you walk away, or are carried away; whether you live, or whether you die.

“I’ve seen first-hand the impact of speed in a crash, a 10km/h difference could save your life,” says Superintendent Steve Greally, National Manager for Road Policing.

“This is one of those messages some people don’t like hearing, and some refuse to take on board.

"I just don’t understand it."

It’s basic physics, it makes sense; the faster you crash into something, the more impact there will be, says Steve.

“Less speed really does mean less harm.

“And we’ve all heard the adage it’s better to get their late than not get there at all.

He says it’s something officers say quite a bit and that’s because it’s true.

“We all want to go on holiday, we all have people we want to see, so let’s all do our best to drive safely and watch our speed.

"We want everyone to get where they’re going safely.”

You can view Police’s road safety video with Wellington Paranormal on not being a speed demon above.

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Posted on 21-12-2018 14:38 | By Pete KELLY

Don’t entirely agree with ’Speed is the problem’. It’s use of Cell-phones, driving thru red lights,tailgating,and just yesterday I was passed on the inside when an impatient guy drove ACROSS the centre...if I was a Cop I could stand (in mufty of course) and dish out hundreds of infingement tickets on any corner of any road in the BOP.. open your eyes Coppas and get the real idiots. Just watch the Road Cop programme, no consequences and idiots everywhere.

It continues to concern me..........

Posted on 21-12-2018 14:35 | By groutby

......that the message of ’speed’ (speeding) is the main message given, when there are many contributing things along with this. I do get the impression that there is an amount of blase’ issuing of tickets which I would imagine just annoys some and likely achieves very little in the way of message ’realignment’ with most, which surely should be more like: "how about concentrating on the job in hand (including speed) then the accidents wouldn’t happen in the first place!" We have a high % of drivers now who have NO reality in regard to consequences whatsoever for their actions, exactly how we deal with this is a concern, but merely saying "Speed Kills" means little to many sadly. Police are caught between a ’rock and a hard place’ but a new message needs to be heard, it’s forgotten even ignored way to easily.....


Posted on 21-12-2018 08:59 | By philiphallen

Only idiots think that the police are revenue gathering, and should spend time on the roads doing their job clearing up after accidents. Then maybe it might sink-in to some peoples thick sculls that what these guys and girls see must be so frustrating. Its about time the NZ police took a leaf out of the Australian road policing model and be much harsher on law breakers, with much higher penalties that hurt the pocket, with harsher follow up penalties for none payment. Only then will the truth sink in that EVERYONE on the road has a great deal of responsibility to other road users when throwing a couple of tons of metal around our roads. Then we wouldn’t need to spend millions of tax payers dollars on band aid road improvements, rather than properly improving the aging road systems.

Poor drivers kill

Posted on 21-12-2018 08:08 | By Angels

Yes speed does effect the end result. The police in Nz are always hugely knee jerk reaction and revenue motivated. Maybe time to re look and open eyes to some other huge problems. 1 drivers going toooo slow and causing traffic jams,madness, just causing accidents. Once in the last 20 years I have heard/ read someone was ticketed for slow driving. Why not do something about the cause. Not enough revenue or resources to monitor. Police will go by 2-3 kilometre back up with dangerously slow driver causing Mayhem, but allow it till there is an accident. Yet a speed camera at the end of a passing lane. Revenue or safety ???