Traffic chaos around Tauranga

A motorist stuck in traffic snapped this picture this morning. Supplied photo.

"Damn traffic everywhere!" This is how one motorist describes the state of Tauranga roads this morning.

The woman, who commutes from Whakatane to the Tauranga CBD everyday, has tried several different routes to get to work this morning.

She initially travelled along State Highway 2 to Bayfair, where she was held up in back-to-back traffic for at least 30 minutes.

Seeing no end in sight, the woman decided to try and enter the CBD via Mangatapu.

She says it has taken her 15 minutes just to get to Turret Road.

"I start work at 9.30am. I'm already late."

SunLive has received reports everyday this week of traffic madness in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.

Another motorist reported traffic back up on Tauranga Harbour Bridge from the Totara Street lights to the Dive Crescent off-ramp at about 6.45am.

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@Slim Shady

Posted on 08-12-2018 09:42 | By Taffy

Suggest you read the report in the context she was reported ,as to being late,and also the fact where she travels from each day.So we can assume you have NEVER been late for work due to traffic delays by your comment to sack her,Must be great to be perfect.

No excuse

Posted on 07-12-2018 06:25 | By

Starting work at 0930 and late? Get up and leave home in good time. I’d sack you.

here we go again

Posted on 06-12-2018 16:36 | By old trucker

TCC have put the speed from 70 to 50, this holds everyone up, the thing is everybody is dawdling along instead of speeding up and keep going and keep moving when i was going out to welcome bay 2 days ago, there was 50 metres between cars all going slow into Turret rd to town, if everyone kept up speed there would be NO HOLDUPS, when they get to the corner near the Z petrol station there is no one there its all open into 15th ave, people talking on phones and TXTING is the cause and see it all day, holding people up, easy put speed up to 70 going out, there should be NO hold up on 15th ave going home as everybody is going slowly that way and going into Turret they should speed up and get away and clear it,my pennies worth,10-4 out.


Posted on 06-12-2018 16:09 | By

to our world each day.

When it rains

Posted on 06-12-2018 13:18 | By Lvdw

everyone uses their car. Welcome Bay commuters have to deal with that traffic every day.

No surprises here.

Posted on 06-12-2018 13:14 | By penguin

What else would be expected when housing development is allowed to run rampant ahead of an adequate roading infrastructure to support it? Council simply pays lip-service to dealing with the known pinch points of our roading network. And when the solutions have been ’’ discovered’’ by those with ’’knowledge,’’ they even manage to get things wrong e.g. aspects of the Welcome Bay underpass and Barkes Corner signalling!

City should be ashamed

Posted on 06-12-2018 12:19 | By Angels

How can anyone call this traffic management. Planner should be reschooled or just fired. Greerton back log is disgusting. How can any one think going from 2 lanes to 1 will make it more efficient. This total revamp over the last year in Tauranga is more than disgusting and frustrating. How can these high paid planner keep their jobs after destroying the flow of traffic to this extent. People are avoiding Greerton and the businesses and residents are totally disgusted with the whole thing.when planner were asked at the meeting prior to change how can 2-1 lane be efficient. They replied comparator said so. No common sense or educated thought given, the computer said!!!!

5th biggest city in NZ and 'a women from Whakatane is late for work' is news?

Posted on 06-12-2018 12:18 | By tgacentral

I drove from Pyes Pa to the city in 10mins at rush hour this morning, parked for free and walked 10mins to a CBD office. If you chose to commute from Whakatane or even Papamoa you are signing up for traffic. If it’s too hard, move. Papamoa and Welcome Bay are nice and close to the water but only access the CBD through extremely expensive and limited capacity harbour crossings. What do you expect.

Looks like

Posted on 06-12-2018 12:02 | By Angel74

an ordinary morning commute to me!!