Attack on firefighters described as ’rare’

Firefighters at the scene of a car crash in Waihi were attacked by drunk people. File photo.

Fire and Emergency says it's investigating whether more can be done to stop staff from being assaulted.

This comes after two volunteer firefighters, who were helping at the scene of a car crash in Waihi, were punched by drunk people in the area.

Emergency services were called to a two-car crash at Waihi Beach about 7pm on Saturday night.

Fire and Emergency says drunk people tried to attack an ambulance officer and two firefighters were punched after stepping in to help.

People and capability director Brendan Nally from the agency says they will be investigating whether they could have done anything differently.

"If someone was hurt, it gets a safety and wellbeing investigation, so that is what's going to happen in this one.

"[These] investigations require discussing what happened with everyone and it requires specialised people to do it, so, it takes a bit of time to bolt these teams together."

Brendan says he's extremely proud of the way the firefighters responded to the incident.

He says they received minor injuries, such as a bleeding nose.

Brendan says this was a serious but rare event of physical assault.

"I've [done] 27 years of firefighting and I can tell you that it's very rare.

"In fact this is the only one this calendar year that we've got recorded.

"The team is now going back through a data probe over the last ten years. They haven't completed that yet but I can tell you it's extremely rare that there's a physical assault on firefighters."

The police are also investigating.

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update please

Posted on 05-12-2018 09:50 | By

Yes an update would be good please on what happened to the idiots who attacked the firemen if they had of punched the policeman they would have been charged with assault... I do like your comment Taffy on turning the hose on them.

Any arrests?

Posted on 04-12-2018 11:13 | By Taffy

No mention if any of these drunken yobbos have been arrested.The firefighters should have put the hoses on them!!!