Kiwis declare steaks should be medium-rare

How do you have your steak?

New Zealanders have spoken – steaks should be cooked medium-rare.

The result came off the back of The Great Steak Debate poll run on the Beef + Lamb Facebook page – fans were asked how they liked their steaks cooked with the choice of; rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well and well-done.

Of the 1400+ respondents, at the time of writing the results were as follows; 626 (42 per cent) voted for medium-rare, 342 (23 per cent) chose rare, 254 (17 per cent) opted for medium, 168 (11 per cent) voted for medium-well and 106 (7 per cent) decided against their better judgement that ‘well-done’ was their preferred steak scenario.

The Great Steak Debate is one that has been discussed around the Kiwi dinner table for time immemorial. It’s often a polarising topic that can create rifts between friends and family, with the insult ‘you’re ruining a bloody good piece of meat there, mate’ frequently hurled across the grill.

Tim Brittain Chairman of Angus Pure, winners of the Steak of Origin title in 2017, and an avid barbecue fan, weighed in on the argument: “We’re delighted our great, steak loving nation has voted this way.

"Of course, it always comes down to personal preference but we at Angus Pure feel that if you want to get the most from our delicious product then medium rare is the perfect balance between taste and tenderness.”

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