Mauling the latest of three attacks in Opotiki

Ōpōtiki District Council has impounded all three dogs until a decision can be made on their future. File photo.

The vicious mauling of a woman by her brother's dogs is one of three dog attacks in the Ōpōtiki district in the last week. 

The 60-year-old suffered deep cuts to her head, neck, abdomen and legs from the attack by three dogs at her home in the small township of Te Kaha on Friday.  

She was flown to Tauranga Hospital where a spokesperson said she remains in a critical, but stable condition, on Thursday. 

All three of the hunting dogs - a two-year-old Rottweiler cross; a two to three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross; and a nine-year-old bulldog cross - were seized by Ōpōtiki District Council and are currently impounded. 

Animal control officers had been in contact with the dog's owner, understood to be the brother of the woman, who was still deciding what action to take, says council's Planning and Regulatory Group Manager Gerard McCormack. 

"We have spoken to the owners and explained what their options are.

"Obviously this is a sensitive time and we are waiting to hear back hear from the owners as to how they wish to proceed. There's been no indication they want them back."

The owner of the dogs could choose to surrender the dogs to council, he said. If they do so after 48 hours have passed a council may sell, rehome or destroy the dog.

They may also choose to pay the registration and impoundment, or withhold payment and allow council to dispose of the dogs accordingly.  

None of the dogs were registered or microchipped. 

Police called animal control officers to seize the three hunting dogs from the woman's home in Te Kaha on Friday. 

McCormick says the woman was familiar with the dogs and was letting them out as she normally did, when the attack happened. 

"We don't know anything beyond that yet. We're now waiting for the outcome of the police investigation, which will inform us on how we proceed."

It was an emotional time for the family, he says.  

"It is quite unusual for someone known to the dogs - for them to attack in that way."

The mauling is the latest of three dog attacks in the district in the last week. 

 A teenage boy was bitten on the hand and elbow by a dog that rushed from a property on Ford St. McCormick understood the boy did require medical treatment. 

The Rottweiler that attacked the boy had been classified as dangerous, he says, and in agreement with the injured boy's family, the dog will be returned to the owner once he has undertaken alternations to his property and council is satisfied the dog can be kept securely in the property. 

And in another attack a young boy aged under 10 was bitten on the leg while playing on the swings in the Church St rose garden. 

"Council had previously classified that particular dog as menacing and it's currently impounded."

On Thursday morning the pitbull was surrendered by it's owner and will be destroyed. 

-Stuff/Phillipa Yalden.

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not dogs fault

Posted on 09-11-2018 08:11 | By

once again, the dogs get blamed. These dogs were probably kept chained up most times as they have been conditioned for hunting. Chained dogs deprived of any love. This is what causes a savage dog, the same would happen to you.

Far out.

Posted on 09-11-2018 07:43 | By Marshal

I was bitten by a dog 60yrs ago as a kid.. So good to see nothing has changed since then.. If any thing, more dogs and more dogs rights.. Sad..!!