Community support high for glass recycling - TCC

More than 50 per cent of households in the collection areas had placed their blue glass recycling crate out to be collected in the first week.

A week into Tauranga’s new rates-funded glass recycling collection, and the community has shown their support for the initiative, says the Tauranga City Council.

During the first week, more than 50 per cent of households in the collection areas had placed their blue glass recycling crate out to be collected.

“Of the crates put out in the first week of the new service, approximately 98 percent were emptied. I think we should all be very proud of that number, which shows the community understands how the service works, and is very keen to do the right thing and recycle their glass,” says Tauranga City Council Environment Committee Chair Steve Morris.

By the end of the first week of the new service, council’s contractor Smart Environmental has collected over 13,000 crates containing more than 70 tonnes of glass.

Of these, only 272 crates have not been emptied. This has been for a number of reasons, but mainly being overfilled with glass.

“We do expect this to settle over the coming weeks as residents clear any glass they have had stored at their property," says Steve.

A fortnightly glass collection in the size crate provided is the same as that which most other New Zealand councils provide.

Some households may produce more glass and they are able to purchase an extra crate that can be used fortnightly, or they can take excess glass to a transfer station to be recycled for free.
For those residents still waiting to have their first turn this coming week, the council recommends they check the brochure that came with the crate (it was taped to the bottom of the crate that was delivered) or visit the Council website, which have all the information about what can, and can’t, be recycled in the crates.

Everyone is encouraged to read these so they know what to do.
“Currently, nearly 70 per cent of the kerbside waste our residents send to landfill could actually be recycled or composted instead. It is great to see so many people in the community support this new initiative and an important step for improving environmental outcomes in Tauranga," says Steve.
For more information about the new glass collection service, visit


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Other uses!

Posted on 11-10-2018 16:39 | By Maryfaith

We recycle our glass when we recycle our other recyclables at the transfer station. However since I have paid for my ’blue’ container - I am looking to fill it with a suitable plant :)

Load of bull

Posted on 09-10-2018 19:31 | By Micky Mouse

While the Tauranga council are patting themselves on the back the ratepayers of Tauranga are left wondering....what effect is this going to have on the enviroment as consumers steer away from goods supplied in glass containers and opt for plastic because of the pitiful size of the “crate”

One jar

Posted on 09-10-2018 13:16 | By clingon

Yip, we managed to wash out one jam jar and put it in the bin for collection since the blue containers were delivered but they won’t pick it up till it is half full so at this rate it will take 6 months till we can try out the service. I’m pleased that we are paying for it in our rates though, you just never know when another ketchup jar will be available for recycling: meanwhile we have heaps of plastic going out each rubbish day, how about picking that up for correct disposal?


Posted on 09-10-2018 12:47 | By overit

But did notice the truck only had 2 bins for the colours of glass. Which ones got mixed together?

Clean Green NZ

Posted on 09-10-2018 12:44 | By rogue

TCC stop paying lip service. If a responsible resident wants to recycle let them do it. It shouldn’t matter if the bin is too full, get your heads out of the sand & do your bit for my planets future. We are suppose to be guardians of this place for our future generations, there’s no point having a Mihi & a Karakea if you don’t believe what is being said.