New search and rescue vessel for Maketu Coastguard

The volunteer of Maketu Coastguard in their new uniforms thanks to funding from the Maketu Community Board ahead of the new boat launch on Sunday.

A new search and rescue vessel will be hitting the waters come Sunday.

The ‘Kohinui Rescue’ will be launched at 10am on September 30, with members of the public invited along to see the new vessel up close, ask questions, and see the new boat hit the water for the very first time.

Maketu Coastguard president Shane Beech says the new boast launch will be a highlight.

“This is a new build, a new boat, that we basically stated about a year ago fundraising and getting funds towards it.”

“We identified the need for this new boat, it is replacing one of our smaller boats. It is going to have all the latest electronics, safety equipment and bits and pieces in it that is required to do search and rescue and help boats that are in trouble.”

The new search and rescue vessel is a jet boat meaning that it is capable of getting over shallow sand bars and up rivers, making it more of a practical rescue boat. It is also equipped with night and thermal vision for doing night-time searches. 

The boat is also capable of holding around 12 people with a minimum of two people crewing.

Shane says a lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes and to get the funds to be able to build the new boat.

“It’s basically the climax of the whole venture and the launching and blessing of it on Sunday is going to be a great event.”

“We are hoping the people will come out in force and support us.”

The launching of the new vessel will be taking place on Sunday September 30 at 10am outside the Maketu Coastguard/Surf Building.

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