’Contingency plans’ in place for SH2 protest

Protesters plan to walk across Wairoa Bridge, blocking access to SH2 this Sunday.

Road safety campaigners planning to block the Wairoa River Bridge for up to 30 minutes this Sunday, say they have consulted with police and the local hapu.

The Fix the Bloody Road group says there are contingency plans to allow emergency service vehicle access if required.

Campaigners are being asked to muster at Wairoa River Reserve at 2.30pm, to cross the bridge together as one from 3pm sharp, then return.

Organiser Andrew Hollis says original plans to muster at Taniwha Place have been changed following police safety advice on limiting the traffic disruption.

“No one wants to be killed by a risky driver. That is the purpose of the campaign. We have professional road safety people running this march.

“It will annoy some people, but I would hope that after the volunteer efforts of the campaign team in behalf of the community – 7,000 of whom signed the petition to improve the road to four lanes – that the majority of our local population understands and will support this march,” says Andrew.

“We have police available to keep everyone safe and let emergency vehicles through. I’d love to see an enormous turnout, and it is part of a bigger range of actions.”

Spokesman Matthew Farrell says the Fix team is pushing for a fast-track decision on major State Highway 2 corridor capacity projects including the Tauranga Northern Link to Francis Road, the Katikati urban bypass and improvements to blackspot intersections from Te Puna to Omokoroa.

“Safety works from Waihi to Pahoia were confirmed in August after six months of campaigning.

“The group will also be calling for a moratorium on further housing development planned by the SmartGrowth partners Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

“An open letter will be circulated among groups, organistions and corparte entities to sign, with several already stating a verbal intention to support the push for a central government infrastructure catch-up,” says Matthew.

Campaigner Sam Thompson says while the march is set to kick off at 3pm, it’s essential that people get there very early to limit the impact on local motorists.

“We want to keep the community onside. We ask everyone to inform friends and workmates about the disruption. We don’t expect people to get involved if they don’t want to, but they need to know Sunday afternoon is not the time to travel to or from Tauranga.

“Make plans accordingly. Carpooling is a great option. Make a sign, bring a whistle or a drum. Everybody is welcome,” she says.

Marchers are advised to park considerately and walk along Station Road or Wairoa Road, or in the limited space closer to the Te Puna side of the bridge.

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Support the protest

Posted on 14-09-2018 08:00 | By

SH2 Just The Facts 5 dead this year, previous 5years =18dead ,35 serious injuries,95 minor injuries 30kms long, 44 dangerous intersections,5 double intersections 11 Narrow bridges, 37+ Curves, No flat road Longest Straight 1.8kms= Flying Mile =large Dip, Narrow Bridge in Middle, Each end a deadly Blind intersection & gas station & school entrance! 4 Passing lanes, all on either bends, crests or dips. 3 have either Intersections middle, end or both ends! 40+ commercial entrances, 180+ Private entrances servicing 400+ residences 20,000+ cars a day +20,000 projected population of Omokoroa .. New Zealand’s deadliest highway is no more than a Tar sealed old Goat track that is clearly not fit for purpose No amount of Band Aid work will stop the Killing! So come on Tauranga come out and Support the protest 3pm on Sunday at the Wairoa Bridge

I'm allright 'jack' nerak

Posted on 13-09-2018 19:31 | By stokey

Then leave at a different time you muppet!

The road is not the the problem ...

Posted on 13-09-2018 15:01 | By Seriously?

The problem is the way drivers use the road. Drivers need to change their mindset - they’re driving on public roads, not a closed race circuit. It is not a game of "how many people can I cut off", or "I need to get in front of the truck", or "need to pass the camper van". If everyone simmers down we will all get to our destinations safely and in one piece. Tauranga-Katikati is a good road - the problem lies with some of those who use it.

Not good enough

Posted on 13-09-2018 13:13 | By Kancho

Shouldn’t be allowed full stop.

Good one. ?

Posted on 13-09-2018 08:21 | By Marshal

Well ! I drive this road regularly and are feeling a little left out , I have failed to hit anything at all . Maybe it has something to do with the way I drive. I haven’t hit anything on other roads either . Open eyes .


Posted on 13-09-2018 08:16 | By hapukafin

Does NZTA and TCC really understand how much disruption this will cause to the general public if they allow these demonstrators block the bridge for one minute let alone be for 30 min..Most of us want to be safe on the road except those idiots that drive without respect on the road..Take your demonstration to the door of those people that can do something about it.Dont disrupt the general public

Precisely, Andrew

Posted on 13-09-2018 07:30 | By nerak

“No one wants to be killed by a risky driver. ..." And from Sam, “We want to keep the community onside. ...but they need to know Sunday afternoon is not the time to travel to or from Tauranga." Really? But I WILL be driving that road in that time frame, and will be annoyed if this group hold me up. There are other ways to do this. Really not sure why the need to make noise making equipment a prerequisite? Silent marches (remembrance) can be most effective.