A desperate plea to save Bureta trees

Emily Mowbray and Muriel Spenceley are leading a group hoping to protect the trees and green space in Bureta.

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A group of concerned residents are protesting to raise awareness of the danger 27 trees potentially face from a property developer.

On Sunday, a group of protesters assembled at the Chapel Street Reserve on the corner of Chapel Street and Vale Street with signs and placards, after a fence went up at the beginning of June separating the reserve land from privately-owned green space nearby.

“There is a stand of ash trees on Chapel Street Reserve, and many people thought that reserve extended to include the 27 trees that lie beyond that, closer to Countdown,” says organiser Emily Mowbray.

However, she says she and another woman learned otherwise on June 1 by seeing a fence erected by Mike Greer Homes that shows the public where the private land begins.

“We decided to do everything we could to find out what the fate of these trees would be – whether the developer intended to save them, or if they were on death row,” says Emily, who supports more green space in the city.

“We phoned Mike Greer Homes and it was unclear as to the outcome of these 27 trees. We said to them that we’ve seen the landscape assessment that was submitted as part of the consent to the council, and on that assessment plan there is a list of all the trees that will be featured in the final development.

“We’re waiting to hear back from the council as to whether Mike Greer Homes is required to fulfil their obligations on that submission, or whether they can make changes.”

A council spokesperson says the trees are not protected, although Emily points out they were prior to 2010.

SunLive has contacted Mike Greer Homes for comment.

An aerial view showing the private land in blue.

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Such a posture in their photo

Posted on 16-06-2018 06:31 | By Evan57

They don’t care about trees , it’s all about their Tuesday cafe gathering , something to scoff about . Drop the trees !


Posted on 14-06-2018 09:14 | By waiknot

You say a civic/community resource? What bit of privately owned land don’t you get?


Posted on 13-06-2018 16:28 | By Capt_Kaveman

dont they start a trust and then find info if any of them can be moved, try a givealittle page as this seems to be ok for worthless causes

Plant your own trees

Posted on 13-06-2018 14:48 | By Kaimai

If you want trees, plant them on your own property. If they are on my property I’ll decide what happens to them, not the tree huggers. People need to start respecting property rights.

Stand up for what you believe in

Posted on 13-06-2018 13:29 | By Slartibartfast

Its awesome to see members of our community taking a stand for what they, and many other people in our community, believe in. Too quickly are our established green spaces destroyed and replaced by souless samey housing. Yes, we need more houses.. and that is not the issue here, the issue is, what is going to happen to 27 mature trees that have been loved by many for a long time? Trees are the lungs of our planet and its too easy for developers ( and the council ) to ignore this and destroy them. Its got to stop. I urge Mike Greer Homes to incorporate these beloved trees into your housing plans


Posted on 13-06-2018 13:05 | By Kenworthlogger

These two woman should mine their own business as it’s private land.. nothing to do with them...,!