Peters’ $400k suit over superannuation leak

Photo: File.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is taking legal action seeking $400,000 for breach of privacy over the leaking of his superannuation overpayment details.

Papers were lodged in the High Court in Auckland today.

It was revealed during last year's election campaign that Mr Peters had been mistakenly overpaid superannuation for seven years.

He paid the money back when the error was discovered, but was furious the information was leaked to the media.

Timeline: Winston Peters' superannuation overpayments saga

The legal action is against the heads of the Ministry of Social Development and State Services Commission, the Attorney-General on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and the former National Party ministers - Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett.

Mr Peters had launched a case against four National Party ministers and two journalists but later dropped the action against the journalists.


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Posted on 15-06-2018 11:01 | By Merlin

The information that was leaked I believe with the intention of affecting Winstons election campaign so we should find out who did it as it had to come from MSD to the National Party.No more sweeping things under the carpet.


Posted on 14-06-2018 21:33 | By Merlin

Leaked for a reason I suspect as it was during an election campaign.We need to know how this happened.


Posted on 12-06-2018 21:13 | By The Caveman

the only Government Department that has the information to determine a person’s entitlement to National Super, AND the level of payment that a person is entitled too is MSD/WINZS (call them what you like), and to work out if you have been UNDER OR OVERPAID is likewise MSD/WINZS. Thus the "calculation" of overpayment was made by MSD/WINZS. Thus it also follows that SOMEBODY within MSD/WINZS who had access to that information in respect of Winnie, MUST have passed it to somebody OUTSIDE MSD/WINZS. The BUCK stops at MSD/WINZS. And from my knowledge, their systems have the ability to ID EVERY person that accessed Winnies MSD/WINZS records. Thus it follows, that MSD/WINZS management KNOW the names of EVERY PERSON that accessed his records. MSD/WINZS management knows who gave the info to the National Party members !


Posted on 12-06-2018 12:18 | By Capt_Kaveman

nasty yet people vote for such personality