Rockfall forces council to close Mauao track

The red line indicates which track will be closed.

The Waikorire track on Mauao will temporarily close from today to protect the safety of visitors.

Rocks have fallen down the mountain onto the track today.

“While this isn’t a large slip, rockfall still poses a danger to visitors so we’re closing the Waikorire track to investigate,” says Tauranga City Council's parks and recreation manager, Mark Smith.

Over the next couple of days, contractors will assess the area and conduct scaling work.

“Any remaining unstable rock will be rolled down the mountain in a controlled environment.”

It's expected the work will be complete and the track reopened by Friday, 15 June.

The Waikorire track is the short, steep route up to Mauao’s summit. The summit will still be accessible via the Oruahine and 4WD tracks, and base track remains open.

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Did I miss something ?

Posted on 11-06-2018 20:15 | By The Caveman

50 years ago, the odd rock fall was a regular happening. Send a couple of "Mount" council workers with a shovel each - tip the rock over the downside of the track - no problem - track open the next day !!! Flick forward 50 years - and the same little rockfall takes $100,000 to fix !!