Morning delays near Te Puna

Traffic is reported to be backed up to Whakamarama. Supplied image.

Reports are coming in that traffic is heavy flowing near Te Puna.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says traffic is backed up all the way to Whakamarama.

SunLive is working on getting more information.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to

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Posted on 16-05-2018 18:03 | By JK101

The signs advertising delays is refering to the delay that is happening on Te Puna Station Road. They are only letting one or two cars at a time through to State highway 2.As for the build up of traffic on State highway 2...that happens most mornings, except during school holidays


Posted on 16-05-2018 17:25 | By namxa

Was merely pointing out the irony of their signage.

Apparently ( I am told).........

Posted on 16-05-2018 14:33 | By Bruja

this morning’s huge delays were mainly due to the guys trying to lay fibre cables. To be honest, until I win Lotto I won’t be able to own a home anywhere between Katitkati and Tauranga. I count that as a blessing these days and I know MANY people who have recently bought/built/are building at Omokoroa are SERIOUSLY worried and some are indeed thinking of selling up or have begun the process.Oh and yep, once I’ve won Lotto I’ll head down country a bit. :)

wow misinformed

Posted on 16-05-2018 12:53 | By righto

Both articles have mis informed comment there was no road closure Monday.Traffic volumes were less than normal that’s why the trip was faster.back to normal volumes now and wait to see the gridlock week21st thru 25th


Posted on 16-05-2018 12:17 | By Feruno

Firstly, motorists should learn to use roundabouts, and what the purpose of the roundabout is . Who else knows ? Another solution to traffic congestion should be to disallow tractors and agricultural equipment on major roads, especially at peak hour times, and how about motorists keeping stationary congestion gaps to 5 meters or less ( many leave a gap of 50 meters, and that increases the queue length )

Here’s a thing

Posted on 16-05-2018 10:00 | By namxa

On the temp led signs they are saying expect delays due to te puna station road closurearent they closing it to avoid delays?Am I missing something?