Information sought on alleged theft

Papamoa Police are asking for the Public’s help in identifying the pictured female. Supplied image.

Papamoa Police are seeking information from public following the alleged theft of a bicycle from Papamoa Plaza.

Sergeant Tristan Murray says they’re seeking more information about a person of interest.

“We are needing the public’s help in identifying a female, captured by CCTV, who was involved in the alleged theft of the bicycle on April 24.”

He says the incident, which is under investigation, highlights a reminder about security.

“The person who the bike belongs to, thinking they were doing the right thing, left it in a place where they thought would be safe as it was covered by CCTV.

“This doesn’t rule out the fact you need to lock your bike as well.

“The best-case scenario would be that yes you leave your bike in an area where it is well-lit, quite public or covered by cameras, but also it needs to be locked. So this person got half of it right.”

He says the theft is the first to happen at the Plaza for some time.

Tristan say while this sort of thing doesn’t happen all the time, "unfortunately, if people don’t lock their bikes they are asking for it”.

Anyone with more information is urged to contact Papamoa Police on 07 572 2440.

Alternatively, information can be left anonymously via the Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 line.

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Asking for it ??

Posted on 16-05-2018 21:40 | By teamjelly

So according to Tristan if you don’t lock your possessions away and they get stolen then you’re "asking for it" and it’s your own fault. And here I was thinking perhaps it might be the thieves to blame. Wonder if Sgt Murray forgot to lock his house one morning and got burgled if he was have the same response

No brainer

Posted on 15-05-2018 22:00 | By Peaches

She should be very easy to track down, with arm in plaster, and not that smart either to get caught on CCTV, you can run but not hide.

no s... Sherlock

Posted on 15-05-2018 12:53 | By CC8

Take the picture down to A and E and ask when she is coming back to have the cast removed....they probably have her name and address too. How many people matching her ethnicity, age and description have broken a (wrist?) in the past month or so? Plaster looks quite fresh.