Budget boost for young children

The Labour government is boosting funding for young children with extra learning needs as part of Budget 2018. File photo.

The government has today unveiled a major funding increase to enable thousands more young children to access the extra learning support they need before they start school.

“All the evidence shows that children who have a high quality early childhood education have a head start on their learning that can set them up for life,” says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

“But a lack of funding for early intervention services has meant that far too manychildren have missed out on behaviour, learning, or speech and language support they need to get the full benefits of ECE.

“As part of Budget 2018, we are boosting the funding for early intervention services to ensure nearly 8000 more children will receive extra support over the next four years.”

Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin says the extra operating funding of $21.5 million over four years is a significant increase on the previous Budget. Early intervention services will also receive an extra $272,000 capital to support the IT costs of additional staff.

“The extra funding is expected to halve the current waiting list for services, as well as help meet future demand pressures,” says Tracey.

“Intervening effectively and early for children with learning support needs makes a real difference to children’s development and learning.

“This includes benefits to language development, social interactions and behaviour, and engagement and attainment in school – and we know success in school supports better outcomes later in life.

“This Budget increase will see an extra 1750 children receive help in this coming year and contracted early intervention specialist service providers will support an additional 150 children with the highest needs. Within two years this number will increase to an additional 200 children. 

“To achieve this, more frontline early-intervention staff will be employed. Over 60 additional Early Intervention Study Awards and Speech Language Therapy Scholarships will be available to build the workforce who provide early intervention services.”

“This government believes all children, regardless of their ability or disability, their culture or their family background have the right to an education that sets them up for life,” says Jacinda.

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parent's responsibility

Posted on 13-05-2018 16:27 | By missusmck

I thought that there was something in place called Parents as First Teachers which was implemented years ago so why aren’t these children ready for school at five?if the children are attending a daycare why aren’t they being taught the basics there?to me it is not making the parents responsible for teaching their children the basics like being able to count to ten, knowing their colours etc.the government can pour all the money into these things they like but it’s not going to help at’s easy to breed and bring kids into the world but with some parents (if you call them that) thats where it ends

Marxism 101

Posted on 13-05-2018 15:24 | By Captain Sensible

Indoctrinate the kids and never fear being voted out. Marxism 101.


Posted on 13-05-2018 15:01 | By hapukafin

Its fair enough to dish out tax payers money to needy kids.It is also time to put in measures so that the money get to the needs of the kids.Its time the =government issued coupon for items the kids need so its accountable..This was made possible during the post war years..Why do all the governments avoid this,they know quite well alot of the welfare money doesnt go where its meant to thats why they have to keep handing out more...